Highland’s Kameron Stover was named the Player of the Year in the MOAC for the sport of volleyball.

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

The KMAC announced its all-league teams recently, with a number of Morrow County athletes being recognized.

In girls’ golf, Northmor’s Katelyn Miley was selected as the Golfer of the Year. For boys’ golf, Northmor coach Mark Wiseman was picked as the Coach of the Year. Mount Gilead swept the honors in boys’ cross country, with Will Baker being named the Runner of the Year and Jake Hayes being selected as Coach of the Year.

In addition, the KMAC recognizes one senior from every school for every sport as an All Academic winner. To earn this honor, an athlete must have a GPA of at least 3.5.

Following are the KMAC’s all-conference teams.


Player of the Year: Walker Weckesser, Danville.

First Team: A.J. Bower, Northmor; Matt Sprang, Loudonville; Cole DeLaughder, Danville; Wyatt Denney, Cardington; Mason Turske, Centerburg; Jaxson Wenger, Northmor; Bo Landin, Northmor; Bracen Davis, East Knox; Cameron Koelbl, Fredericktown; Dylan Britt, Northmor; Alex Dolby, East Knox; Gavyn Lepley, Danville, Wyatt Nissley, Danville; Cameron Goldbach, Northmor; Bryar Householder, East Knox; Shane Carpenter, Mount Gilead; Caleb Lucas, Danville; Blake Elliott, East Knox; Cam Vickers, Mount Gilead; Joshua Byers, Danville; Baylor Weiser, Loudonville; Jesse Rings, Centerburg; Hunter Fulk, Northmor; Jaxon Lester, East Knox; Bryer Boeshart, Danville; Caleb Schnuerer, Northmor.

Coach of the Year: Matthew Blum, Danville.

Second Team: Carson Campbell, Northmor; Logan High, Mount Gilead; Cam Beachy, Loudonville; Cam Alloway, Centerburg; Nicholas Armrose, Northmor; Hayden Krinn, Mount Gilead; Kendall Carter, Danville; Tristin Hankinson, Centerburg; Kayden Gwilym, Cardington; Paul Cramer, Northmor; Shane Gardner, East Knox; Gabe Simpson, Mount Gilead; Chris Marshall, Centerburg; Will Jensen, East Knox; Wesley Payne, Danville; Aidan Neibert, Loudonville; Blake Sipes, Fredericktown; Trevin Harris, Centerburg; Grant Hartley, Fredericktown; Kalin Briggs, Cardington; Blake Colopy, Danville; Ashton Clark, Northmor; Dakota Ricketts, Danville; Lane Warner, Fredericktown; Cowin Becker, Northmor; Aidan Burke, Danville.

Honorable Mention: Merek McClure, Cardington; Caylan LeMaster, Centerburg; Gregory Wilson, Danville; Derrick Field, East Knox; Gavin Toombs, Fredericktown; Zane Rossey, Loudonville; Mitchell Sayers, Mount Gilead; Garrett Harvey, Northmor.

All Academic: Zane Everly, Cardington; Isaac Wilhelm, Centerburg; Nathaniel Stephens, Danville; Joshua Keith, East Knox; Trevor Bellman, Fredericktown; Baylor Weiser, Loudonville; Gabe Simpson, Mount Gilead; Bryson Keirns, Northmor.

League Champion: Danville.

Middle School Champion: Danville.


Player of the Year: Stella Weisbrod, Centerburg.

First Team: Kennedi Glenn, Centerburg; Julia Orndorf, Centerburg; Lily Clark, Cardington; Madison Caulkins, Cardington; Jill Bouton, Fredericktown; Julia Partington, Fredericktown; Lizzie Erlsten, Northmor; Mykenzie Neitzelt, Danville.

Coach of the Year: Abigail Boudinot.

Second Team: Katie Johnson, Centerburg; Riley Skillman, Centerburg; Abby Ufferman, Cardington; Maggie Brewer, Northmor; Sydney Opfer, East Knox; Ella Bouton, Fredericktown; Cally Carpenter, Fredericktown; Taylor Bryant, Fredericktown.

Honorable Mention: Rylee Donkin, Cardington; Clara Johnson, Centerburg; Hope Moore, Danville; Kiara Knepp, East Knox; Bella Mullins, Fredericktown; Olivia Long, Mount Gilead; Hannah James, Northmor.

All Academic: Genevieve Longsdorf, Cardington; Clara Johnson, Centerburg; Alayna Arnal, Danville; Hiba Ezzarouali, East Knox; Bella Mullins, Fredericktown; Emma McDonald, Mount Gilead; Maggie Brewer, Northmor.

League Champions: Centerburg and Fredericktown.

Freshman Tournament Champion: Fredericktown.

Eighth Grade Tournament Champion: Centerburg.

Seventh Grade Tournament Champion: Fredericktown.

Girls’ Golf

Golfer of the Year: Katelyn Miley, Northmor.

First Team: Avery Glenn, Centerburg; Olivia Griffith, Centerburg; Evie Stowe, Centerburg; Brooklyn Kissling, Northmor; Katie Dean, Northmor; Ava Parker, Fredericktown.

Coach of the Year: Kathy Compton, Centerburg.

Second Team: Saje Miley, Northmor; Katalina Roseberry, Northmor; Ava Pernia, Northmor; Tesla Blankenship, Centerburg.

All Academic: Ava Parker, Fredericktown; Brooklyn Kissling, Northmor.

League Champion: Centerburg.

Boys’ Golf

Golfer of the Year: Will Streby, Fredericktown.

First Team: Bennett Hill, Centerburg; Grant Bentley, Northmor; Nick Meyers, Centerburg; Josh Hackett, Centerburg; Aidric Bocock, East Knox; Cooper Lowe, Fredericktown.

Coach of the Year: Mark Wiseman, Northmor.

Second Team: Drew Meyers, Centerburg; Drew Hammond, Northmor; Trevor Brubaker, Northmor; Lance Martindale, Centerburg; Rob Streby, Fredericktown; A.J. Baxter, East Knox.

Honorable Mention: Logan Reynolds, Cardington; Beau Keller, East Knox; Caiden Martinez, Northmor; Briggs Leffler, Mount Gilead; Braxton Horlacher, Fredericktown; A.J. Hall, Cardington.

All-Academic: Jason Bockbrader, Cardington; Andrew Meyers, Centerburg; Aidric Bocock, East Knox; Will Streby, Fredericktown; Grant Bentley, Northmor.

League Champion: Centerburg.

Girls’ Cross Country

Runner of the Year: Payton Tucker.

First Team: Kate Lehman, Northmor; Kimberly Staley, Mount Gilead; Taylor Severt, East Knox; Magi Hallabrin, Cardington; Natalie Hunter, Northmor; Ellie Kershner, Fredericktown; Adrian Clutter, East Knox; Ryann Brinkman, Northmor; Angelica Overholt, Fredericktown; Peyton Blakesley, Fredericktown.

Coach of the Year: Morgen Blum, Danville.

Second Team: Caroline Gladman, Fredericktown; Micah Phillips, Fredericktown; Ava Baker, Mount Gilead; Kacie Rook, Fredericktown; Taylor Brown, Fredericktown; Haylee Walker, Northmor; Cloe Tucker, East Knox; Danielle Pohlkotte, Mount Gilead; Gracie Meade, Cardington; Caitlin Roddy, Fredericktown.

All Academic: Gracie Meade, Cardington; Taylor Severt, East Knox; Kacie Rook, Fredericktown; Hannah Kanagy, Northmor.

First Place – MIddle School: Gwen Hershner, Mount Gilead.

Top Ten – Middle School: Mickenzie White, Cardington; Veronica Kanagy, Northmor; Sydney Meade, Cardington; Gwen Lavin, Fredericktown; Sophia Overholt, Fredericktown; Kathryn Naylor, Northmor; Ella Flynn, Fredericktown; Riley Cooper, Northmor, Alayna Seavolt, Cardington.

League Champion: Fredericktown.

Middle School Champion: Northmor.

Boys’ Cross Country

Runner of the Year: Will Baker, Mount Gilead.

First Team: Parker Bartlett, Mount Gilead; Owen Hershner, Mount Gilead; Ryan Lehman, Northmor; David Blunk, Northmor; Josh Alexander, Fredericktown; Brandon Hogg, Fredericktown; Aidan Reitmire, Cardington; Tommy Emberg, Mount Gilead; Kaleb Randall, Fredericktown; Nathan Dickhof, Centerburg.

Coach of the Year: Jake Hayes, Mount Gilead.

Second Team: Aiden McManis, Fredericktown; Ethan Jackson, Centerburg; Nolan Hershner, Mount Gilead; Logan Whitney, East Knox; Noah Smith, Fredericktown; Alex Riegel, Centerburg; Andrew Dickhof, Centerburg; Nathan Smith, Mount Gilead; Dakota Ensminger, East Knox; Chase Netting, Centerburg.

All Academic: Nathan Dickhof, Centerburg; Jordan Hull, East Knox; Kaleb Randall, Fredericktown; Parker Bartlett, Mount Gilead; Ryan Lehman, Northmor.

First Place – Middle School: Andrew Gannon, Mount Gilead.

Top Ten – Middle School: Henry Bartlett, Mount Gilead; Patrick McGuckin, Fredericktown; Isaiah Dickerson, Fredericktown; Brycen Gabriel, Mount Gilead; Grayson Smith, Mount Gilead; Jacob Mortera, East Knox; Wyatt Payne, Fredericktown; Allen Swartzentruber, Fredericktown; Jonas Bostic, Fredericktown.

League Champion: Mount Gilead.

Middle School Champion: Fredericktown.

Highland Scots

Highland was well-represented when the MOAC named their all-conference teams for the fall sports season.

The school earned both a Coach and Player of the Year award, both in volleyball. Kameron Stover was selected as Player of the Year for that sport, while coach Rob Terrill was the Coach of the Year.

Stover also was a first-team pick, as were teammates Larsen Terrill and Camryn Miller. Savanna Sanborn was named to the second team, while Makaylee Merckling earned honorable mention recognition.

In football, both Dane Nauman and Ladon Hayes were named to the first team from Highland. On the second team were Zach Church, Hayden Kline and Kolton Stover. Also, Kadyn Reichenbach was an honorable mention pick.

Ceci Grassbaugh was a first-team pick in girls’ golf, while Sierra Fitzpatrick received honorable mention. In boys’ golf, Dillon Gilliland earned honorable mention.

Zane Sheets was a first-team selection in boys’ soccer, while Malin Fichtner took second-team recognition and Brady Byler was named honorable mention. For the Scots’ girls’ soccer team, Amarie Morgan claimed first-team honors. Bryn Orr was a second-team pick and Kayley Smith picked up honorable mention.

Matthew Miller was a second-team pick in boys’ cross country. Both Cael Gilmore and Brendan Lester claimed honorable mention. For the Lady Scots, Kindylle Mallow was named honorable mention.

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