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Fostering defense innovation in Ohio


Our national security depends on constant innovation, including from the defense industry.

History behind famous Poorman popcorn balls


Taking over the late great Evelyn Long’s weekly column called “Reflections” is a monumental task for anyone, but an even larger one for me. I find the reason behind “reporting” is to be informative, but Evelyn left her personal touch on every story she looked back on for each edition of the Morrow County Sentinel. First, let me introduce myself. I am Quinn Maceyko, Evelyn’s across-the-street neighbor, for the previous 22 years before she passed away gracefully in February of this year. She was an influence on my life with her love and passion for everything Cardington. In addition to being neighbors, we share several other commonalities with both being graduates of Cardington-Lincoln High School, her in 1950 and I in 2018, lifelong residents of Cardington, her for over 80 years and I for 23 years, and our activism in the Cardington-Lincoln Alumni Association with Long serving as treasurer for 35 years and I in my third year on the committee and second one as president.

Cutting taxes for Ohio teachers


For most teachers, hard work never pays off the way it should. It’s no secret that they are underpaid and overworked, always sacrificing for their students, families and communities. For many educators, that includes spending their own hard-earned money on classroom supplies to give students the education they deserve.

Supporting local law enforcement


One of my most important jobs is getting resources to Ohio, that includes funding for law enforcement. I’ll use any tool available to make sure Ohio gets our fair share, or more, of federal resources.

Letter: Benefits of tobacco-free lifestyle


October is a time to enjoy the change in seasons and may also usher in new routines and changes in habits. This autumn might be the perfect time to start your tobacco-free journey and the Ohio Department of Health wants to help!

Ohio must continue to grow its tourism industry


In 2022, Ohio’s tourism industry generated $53 billion in visitor spending, the state’s highest ever. Even with this record-setting year, we need to continue to grow this industry due to Ohio’s robust economic growth setting it on pace to have more jobs than people in the state to fill them. Investing and putting focus on economic development related to Ohio’s travel and tourism efforts are a great way to help grow the population and fill open jobs.

Plant mums early for success


Have you ever tried planting hardy mums and had them fail to come back the following year? Fall mums are perennial flowers that can grow and bloom in your landscape year after year, if you handle them properly. One secret to success is to buy them before they bloom and plant them right away. The sooner you plant mums the happier they’ll be. Mums that are trapped in a small pot for too long, or allowed to dry out, rarely come back the following year. If your goal is to have hardy perennial mums, you should treat them as you would any other container-grown flower or vegetable plant.

Letter: Library helpful to older patrons


Library helpful

The mystique of wildflower meadows


The words “wildflower meadow” summon a mental picture of colorful blooms waving in the wind, fluttering butterflies, and busy honeybees buzzing from bloom to bloom. This lovely picture invites you to wade through a fragrant sea of waist-high blooms, a magnet for wildlife with color from early spring through frost.

Options for parents saving for college


For generations, saving for college was not a concern for parents, grandparents, or even students themselves, but as times have changed, it is now more critical than ever. According to the Education Data Initiative, the average cost of college in the United States is $36,436 per student per year, including books, supplies, and daily living expenses.


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