469 Treesong Road, Bennington Township, Ashley Daughterty and Kim Denty to Erica Loeffler, $280,000.

County Road 170, Bennington Township, Bruner Land Company Inc. to Fernando and Carmen Garcia, $165,000.

1508 Township Road 220, Bennington Township, Kevin and Kellie Squires to Justin and Sara Hershberger, $300,000.

113. E. Walnut St., Cardington, Margaret Butterfield to Andrew Orecchio and Laurie McLain, $70,000.

Lot 161, Congress Township, Kenneth and Marilyn Baehr to Dustin and Courtney Peugeot, $360,000.

Lots 270-271, Congress Township, Brian and Mary Houghtby to Mark R. Manning, $340,000.

5100 Township Road 96, Franklin Township, Anthony Davis to Kristine Slaughter, $115,000.

County Road 20, Franklin Township, Vedat and Paige Suvag to Todd Casto, $80,550.

5608 State Route 42, Gilead Township, Iva Freeman to Casey Curry, $181,000.

5553 State Route 42, Gilead Township, Roberta Higgins to Leibengood Enterprises LLC, $98,000.

411 W. Marion Road, Mount Gilead, Renee Hawley to Michael and Hillary Billups, $187,200.

231 W. High St., Mount Gilead, Brandon Weaver to Benjamin and Makaylee Hayes, $86,000.

190 W. Marion Road, Mount Gilead, Cutler Properties Ltd. to Casey and Ashlee McCarty, $63,000.

459 N. Delaware St., Mount Gilead, Marsha White to Maxine Waddell, $90,000.

Township Road 232, Harmony Township, Tom and Jill McDaniels to Stephen and Kim Quinn, $73,000.

4830 Township Road 173, Harmony Township, Janis Persinger to Randy Casto, $90,000.

3629 County Road 25, Lincoln Township, John and Lisa Crothers to Joseph and Jennifer Mills, $35,000.

7215 Township Road 8, North Bloomfield Township, Larry Rummel et al to Jamin Kindred, $107,000.

5534 Township Road 1, North Bloomfield Township, Raymond and Bena Garber to Aden and Martha Wengerd, $115,000.

7420 Township Road 235, Perry Township, Jason and Renee Buzzard to James and Rose Porritt, $27,500.

1099 Township Road 198, South Bloomfield Township, Justin and Sara Hershberger to Joseph Carr, $210,000.

8266 State Route 314, Troy Township, Carla Caudill to Oscar Cunningham, $150,000.

8251 State Route 71, Washington Township, Craig and Marilyn Miley to Angel Clark, $183,000.


Source: Morrow County Auditor