Cardington Council approves Buckeye Community Hope Foundation’s development plan


Prior to its regular meeting, Cardington Village Council held a public hearing for the purpose of hearing the Amended Preliminary Development Plan from Buckeye Community Hope Foundation relative to its property, Auburn Hills, 5.18 acres located on Park Avenue.

Auburn Hills was developed 15 years ago, zoned as a Planned Unit Development, its homes built along a cul-de-sac off of Park Avenue. Homes were rented by the development’s owner, Buckeye Community Hope Foundation, who presented an amended preliminary development plan to the Cardington village planning and zoning commission.

Following the hearing, they issued their report and recommendation to the village council. Development owner, Buckeye Community Hope Foundation, is completing the required improvements to meet the village’s requirements before relinquishing its ownership. Residents of the homes have been given the opportunity to purchase them.

Council approved the development plan.

Fiscal Officer Deb Fry presented an ordinance that establishes the Law Enforcement Trust Fund for the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program.

Council approved the ordinance which, according to specifications in the grant guidelines, must have a specific fund established to track the activity of the grant. If all the grant money is not spent, it must be returned. By establishing this new fund, this also requires an amendment to the permanent budget approved at the last council meeting.

This grant from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program will fund police cruiser laptops and printers. Police Ptl. James Kiefer explained how the grant will help the department with traffic stops and other areas of law enforcement. He said the laptops have been ordered and should be here in 60 days. He also said the new 2017 cruiser will be arriving soon.

Council approved on a 5-1 vote the use of $925 in drug enforcement funds to upgrade the 2015 police cruiser. Voting “no” was Councilwoman Nancy Edwards.

This cruiser and the new one will be marked with the red and black colors of the local high school.

Two other ordinances were approved, one amending the permanent budget for 2017 which adds the grant award totaling $5,586.58. Ordinance 2017-11 amends the permanent budget for 2017 for the fiscal year.

Fry said the auditors are still working in the office and the last day on the site should be Monday or Tuesday (of last week) Council approved payment of bills totaling $41,399.18, which included payment of $1,677.39 to Barco Products for concrete trash cans for the Legion/Maxwell Parks.

Mayor Susie Peyton told council that Cody Montgomery, a Highland High School senior and Cardington resident, was hired to tend to the village flowers and plants beginning April 3.

Scott Hines, village engineer, asked for council’s approval to apply for a CDBG grant that would generate about $300,000 and would be used to upgrade the water treatment plant. Council gave its approval.

Responding to the Recreation board’s annual request to fill the swimming pool at no cost, council voted its approval on a 5-1 vote Voting “no” was Tim Abraham.

Mayor Peyton asked if an additional handicap parking spot could be added to the current space in front of the Village Hairsmith business on West Main Street. This request was made by the business owner, Kate Smith. Wood said they would place it.

Danny Wood said the flow meters have been installed for the SSE (Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study) for the waste water treatment plant

Mayor Peyton noted that Lea Maceyko, Friends of Cardington, has MaGuffey Lane booked for entertainment during the Cardington Festival. She added that there will be some form of entertainment in the park every Saturday this summer and that includes three movies and several bands.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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