I wonder if schools still hold pep rallies.

I remember during my high school days a Pep Rally would be held on the day of a big game, football or basketball when the high school student body would gather in the gym during the last period of the day. There, the cheerleaders would cheer, the coaches would encourage support and the band played. Sometimes there was even a humorous skit.

I remember the band played the school’s Pep Song after a touchdown and during basketball season they played just before the tip off. I remember the tune and the words were “Play the game for Cardngton, play hard to win, our team’s a dandy, for we’ve got the pep to win, the fighting spirit- play the game for Cardington, play hard to win, our team’s a dandy for we can win!” This was not the school song – that song was sung to the “Illinois Loyalty” melody. The words were written by then student, Ruth Long in the 1930’s It is still sung at the annual C-LHS alumni party.

Homecoming ceremonies are being held at universities, colleges and high schools with the Cardington-Lincoln High School Homecoming being conducted Friday. This is the 70th homecoming for the Pirates.

The first was held in 1947 when Kathryn Nybladh wore the crown.

I checked some increment years and found the following queens reigned:

in 1956, Dori Schorr; 1966, Dorothy Van Sickle; 1976, Donna Peterson; 1986, Michelle Staiger and Wendy Chappell, 1996. Today, a king is elected to make it a royal couple.

Homecoming is colorful and exciting – I’m glad we have those ceremonies that help give us pleasant memories.

October of 1946

Morrow County voters were being asked to approve the construction of a civic auditorium to be built on the Morrow County Fair Grounds with a seating capacity of 3,000.

News about Morrow County servicemen included the discharge of T/5 Harold Clark from the U S Army; the return home from overseas in the South Pacific of S/Sgt Harold Clark of Edison and his subsequent discharge from the US Army; the new address of Pvt. Dean Phillips; the return of PFC Donald Lyman to his new air base at Selfridge Field, Mount Clemens, Michigan and the word that Pvt. Dwight Craven was stationed in Guam. Pfc Benny James had been seen in a news reel at the Capitol Theater. He was carrying the first flag draped coffin of one of the five U S. soldiers shot down over Yugoslavia when they were turned over to S authorities.

October of 1956

Dr.Stanley Brody was featured in a story in which his collection of antiques and historical pieces was described by Tom Conaway. Among the items in his home was the brass stirrup from a Civil War cavalry saddle found in the rubble of the old Cardington Museum. From the basement of the abandoned Pfirsch home in the Windfall community, built in 1876, he found slabs of concrete from the Fulton stone quarry and used them in his patio. He also had two pump organs, one from the old Cardington Methodist Church. One month later Dr. Brody announced the closing of his Cardington office He was assuming a practice in Mansfield.

October of 1986

The Cardington Nazarene Church was observing its 60th anniversary. Pictured were two charter members, Wilson Gandee and Marie Gibbons. Unable to be present were charter members Jean Gandee Bell and George Howard. Pictured also was Pastor Walter Smith and June Moor recognized for her years of service as children’s director.

Pictured were Dan Marshman and Pat Drouhard, Cardington-Lincoln High School Principal and Superintendent, respectively, accepting new flags for the school from American Legion Post 97 members Bill Hack and Richard



By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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