Mount Gilead’s cross country teams swept the North Union Invitational on Saturday, with both the boys and girls taking first of 11 squads.

The girls were led by Baylee Hack, who won the race in 19:40. Hannah Bush was sixth in 21:12, while Darcy Picker took 10th in 21:50. Maddie Fitzpatrick ran 15th in 22:07, while Micah James was 18th in 22:22, Bridgette Millisor finished 23rd in 22:36 and Makayla Weaver placed 36th in 23:36.

Also, Savannah Randall placed 68th, Zoie Barron was 95th, Monica Lawrence ran 99th, Dakota Shipman took 100th, Deani Smith claimed 104th, Kelly Baer ran 106th and Samantha Sullivan was 107th.

The boys also claimed an individual champion, as Austin Hallabrin took first place in 16:47. Casey White was second in 17:08, while Nick Weiss was fourth in 17:28 and Liam Dennis took sixth in 17:35. Brandon Stevens ran 19th in 18:27, Trevor Ball took 20th in 18:30 and Kyle White finished 29th in 18:53.

Also, Gavin Robinson placed 31st, Gavvin Keen was 33rd, Riley Conners finished 36th, Tyler Clark placed 39th, Connor Page claimed 49th, Colton Clark ran 57th, Sy Shipman was 65th, Isacc George ran 70th, Nathan Johnson took 80th, Josh Brown was 90th and Josh Conaway ran 109th.

Buckeye Central Inv.

The Northmor girls took first in a nine-team race at the Buckeye Central Invitational on Saturday.

Jessica Duryea finished third in 20:58 to lead the Knights, while Samantha Peters ran eighth in 21:17. Julianna Ditullio placed 12th in 21:48, Maria Lee took 13th in 21:54 and Maddie Jordan finished 14th in 21:55. Sabrina Kelley ran 20th in 22:24 and Brooke Huntsman was 27th in 23:04.

Also, Brooke Bennett ran 31st, Samantha Grogg took 36th, Selena Cortez was 45th, Francesa Cutrupi placed 69th, Madison Christo ran 77th, Allyssa Pearce finished 96th and Tori Carver was 98th.

The boys finished third in an 11-team race, with James Walker taking 12th in 18:05.79 and A.J. White finishing 14th in 18:06.49. B.J. White took 27th in 18:52.29, while Ryan Bentley took 28th in 18:52.53, Mostyn Evans placed 30th in 18:54.26, Kaleb Hart ran 51st in 19:43.51 and Alec Moore was 52nd in 19:47.36.

Also, Manny Heilman was 54th, Austin Amens took 79th, Kyle Price was 91st, Kolton Hart finished 96th, Calvin Komer ran 102nd and Ethan Chapman finished 130th.

Pickerington North Inv.

Both Highland cross country teams finished 18th at Saturday’s Pickerington North Invitational.

The boys were led by Collin Kipp, who finished 53rd in 18:23.09. Branton Howard ran 105th in 19:09.42 and Christian Miller placed 119th in 19:34.7. Tyler Bowen took 124th in 19:44.15 and Christian Buchholz finished 126th in 19:48.37, while Bailey Damron ran 134th in 20:05.41 and Jacob Serio took 141st in 20:11.16.

Also, Chandler Bumpus was 142nd, Zach Wetzel took 148th, Bruce Jordan ran 152nd, Jimmy Tebbe was 155th, Luke Rinehart placed 159th, Nefiano Bumpus placed 172nd, Bode Sardinha was 180th, Caleb Carder took 201st, Alec McCafferty placed 206th and Justin Brown ran 249th.

For the girls, Sophia Thompson took 25th in 21:25.98 and Laura Spearman ran 55th in 22:32.52. Elizabeth Jensen finished 149th in 24:38.21, while Jenna Brown finished 158th in 25:08.61 and Hailey Howard took 170th in 25:49.44. Madison Cecil finished 180th in 26:09.41 and Samantha Trusler was 184th in 26:16.88.

Also, Clarissa Dudgeon finished 205th and Morgan Bailey took 237th.

Cardington’s girls finished 19th in their race. Emily Benson was 75th in 22:48, while Taylor Linkous placed 81st in 23:07 and Alicia McElwee was 90th in 23:15. Also, Jessica Shook ran 143rd in 24:30, Bailey Shafer took 160th in 25:28 and Ashlee Drury ran 245th in 36:59.

The boys didn’t compete with a full team. Greg Osborne finished 133rd in 20:04, while Sonny Grooms was 162nd in 20:46. Racine Hallabrin took 236th in 23:22 and Andrew Schoppelrei placed 267th in 27:42.