KMAC names fall all-league teams

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Allison Johnson

Allison Johnson

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Nate Hickman

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Kendall Stover

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Grant Bentley

Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

The KMAC released their all-league teams for cross country, volleyball, golf and football, with Morrow County athletes getting a lot of recognition.

Mount Gilead’s Allison Johnson was named the Athlete of the Year for girls’ cross country, while Highland’s Makenna Belcher earned that honor in volleyball and Cardington’s Trey Brininger got it for football.

Winning Coach of the Year honors locally were Jake Hayes of Mount Gilead and Erik Kyrk of Cardington for girls’ cross country and Rob Terrill of Highland for volleyball.

This year, the KMAC also recognized middle school cross country, awarding the top 10 finishers in both the boys’ and girls’ races. Winning those events were Will Baker of Mount Gilead and Magi Hallabrin of Cardington.

Following are the 2020 fall KMAC All-League teams.

Girls’ Cross Country

First Team: Allison Johnson, Mount Gilead; Emily Hanft, Mount Gilead; Loey Hallabrin, Cardington; Elsa Hoam, Fredericktown; Abigail Dickhof, Centerburg; Camberly Schade, Highland; Taylor Severt, East Knox; Avery Tucker, Centerburg; Morgan White, Cardington; Mia White, Highland; Michaela McGill, Mount Gilead; Olivia Millisor, Mount Gilead.

Runner of the Year: Allison Johnson, Mount Gilead.

Coach of the Year: Jake Hayes, Mount Gilead and Erik Kyrk, Cardington.

Second Team: Lillian Thomas, East Knox; Natalie Vanmeter, Fredericktown; Gracie Meade, Cardington; Macy Thorne, Fredericktown; Julia Kanagy, Northmor; Hazel Jolliff, Cardington; Riley Johnson, Northmor; Lauren Johnson, Northmor; Jade Disbennett, Highland; Kristie Wright, Northmor; Kamry Grandstaff, Mount Gilead.

All Academic: Rebecca Scholl, Centerburg; Madison Brehm, Cardington; Mia White, Highland; Allison Johnson, Mount GIlead; Julia Kanagy, Northmor.

League Champion: Cardington.

Boys’ Cross Country

First Team: Thomas Caputo, Fredericktown; Mason White, Cardington; Brett Shipman, Mount Gilead; Joel Roberts, Highland; Hunter Bolton, Highland; Titus Krabill, Fredericktown; Evan France, Fredericktown; Blake Johnson, Centerburg; Samuel Whitney, East Knox; Grant Shrimplin, Fredericktown; Michael Snopik, Mount Gilead; Eric Mowery, Mount Gilead; Reed Supplee, Mount Gilead.

Runner of the Year: Thomas Caputo, Fredericktown.

Coach of the Year: Bob Geiger, Fredericktown.

Second Team: Parker Bartlett, Mount Gilead; Alex Hayden, Centerburg; Lucas Weaver, Northmor; Xavier Platt, Fredericktown; Gaetano Capodicasa, East Knox; Greg Beard, Centerburg; Connor Radojcsics, Northmor; Caleb Wetzel, Highland; Ethan Kemp, Mount Gilead; Mike Rose, Cardington.

All Academic: Hunter Keller, East Knox; Thomas Caputo, Fredericktown; Blake Johnson, Centerburg; Devin Gheen, Cardington; Tucker Tague, Highland; Brett Shipman, Mount Gilead.

League Champion: Fredericktown.


First Team: Makenna Belcher, Highland; Ashlynn Belcher, Highland; Kendall Stover, Highland; Kyleigh Bonnette, Cardington; Audrey Brininger, Cardington; Lindsey Boeshart, Fredericktown; Taylor Scowden, Centerburg; Julianne Kincaid, Northmor.

Player of the Year: Makenna Belcher, Highland.

Coach of the Year: Rob Terrill, Highland.

Second Team: Izzy Wickline, Cardington; Cadie Long, Cardington; Audrey Bouton, Fredericktown; Abby Eusey, Highland; Reagan Swihart, Northmor; Candace Millisor, Mount Gilead; Stella Weisbrod, Centerburg; Zoya Winkelfoos, Highland; Sydney Wilson, Danville; Hannah Bailey, Danville.

Honorable Mention: Emma West, Highland; Liz Long, Cardington; Lexi Wenger, Northmor; Grace Sipes, Fredericktown; Savannah Dehart, Centerburg; Grace Mowery, Mount Gilead; Madi Annette, East Knox; Dariane Holt, Danville.

All Academic: Lexi King, East Knox; Ashlee Tharp, Cardington; Taylor Scowden, Centerburg; Rachel Wilson, Danville; Summer Weller, Fredericktown; Makenna Belcher, Highland; Haley Sharp, Mount Gilead; Megan Adkins, Northmor.

League Champion: Highland.

Seventh Grade Champion: Fredericktown.

Eighth Grade Champion: Highland.

Ninth Grade Champion: Highland.

Boys’ Golf

First Team: Will Streby, Fredericktown; Grant Bentley, Northmor; Dalton Hall, Centerburg; Steven Street, Mount Gilead; Emerson Grassbaugh, Highland; Drew Santo, Highland.

Golfer of the Year: Will Streby, Fredericktown.

Coach of the Year: Fred Main, Fredericktown and Nate Altizer, Centerburg.

Second Team: Reed Compton, Centerburg; Levi Houck, Centerburg; Ryan Morton, East Knox; Dallas Cornett, Centerburg; Ian Muka, Fredericktown; Landon Griffith, Centerburg.

Honorable Mention: Owen Mott, Highland; Mick Mead, Centerburg; Ethan Branch, Northmor; Luke Cain, Highland; Aidric Bocock, East Knox; Bryce Rinehart, Highland.

All Academic: Eric Hamilton, Cardington.

League Champion: Centerburg.


First Team: Kadin Johnson, Highland; Jack Gregory, Centerburg; Donnell Marshall, Centerburg; Landon Remmert, Highland; Trey Brininger, Cardington; Peyton Lester, East Knox; Nate Hickman, Cardington; Maxton Lower, Northmor; Kaiden Colopy, Danville; Duston Sanders, Northmor; Jesus “Choy” Rubio, Mount Gilead; Austin Moreland, Centerburg; Ian McKnight, Centerburg; Kaden Bates, East Knox; Lucas Herbst, Fredericktown; Jeremiah McKinley, Fredericktown; Mason Looney, Danville; Josh Reid, Highland; Trey Kendrick, Centerburg; Nathan Burwell, East Knox; Levi Lyons, Danville; Steven Tumbleson, Fredericktown; Wyatt Hornsby, Highland; Weston Melick, East Knox; Walker Weckesser, Danville; Zach Lester, Cardington; Shane Knepp, East Knox; Cody Matthews, Highland; Marcus Cortez, Northmor; Zach Vogelsang, Fredericktown.

Player of the Year: Trey Brininger.

Coach of the Year: Andrew Coletta.

Second Team: Gavin Whited, Northmor; Hunter Troyer, Northmor; Kendall Carter, Danville; Max Payne, Danville; Braden Kannady, East Knox; Trenton Ramos, Northmor; Caiden Slone, East Knox; Dillon Looney, Danville; Josh Baker, Cardington; Judah Reid, Highland; John Warton, Centerburg; Austin Hammond, Northmor; Brock Hurtt, Centerburg; Christian Blanchard, East Knox; Miguel Banbury, Danville; Gavin Wilson, Centerburg; Tyler Johnson, Centerburg; Owen Blanton, Mount Gilead; Blake Bonham, East Knox; Dominic Vargo, Centerburg; Dane Nauman, Highland; John Sheasby, Centerburg; Deion Parker, Danville; Andy Williamson, Mount Gilead; Ashton Plowman, Cardington; Ben Mast, Fredericktown; Garrett Corwin, Northmor; Holden Cochran, Centerburg; Niko Christo, Northmor.

Honorable Mention: Paul Butterman, Mount Gilead; Kaid Carpenter, Fredericktown; Andrew Armrose, Northmor; Nick Hornsby, East Knox; Ayden Plowman, Cardington; Caden Holtrey, Highland; Ethan Barton, Centerburg; Aaron Mezie, Danville.

All Academic: Trey Brininger, Cardington; Ben Riegel, Centerburg; Judah Keith, East Knox; Steven Tumbleson, Fredericktown; Landon Remmert, Highland; Michael Stuff, Northmor; Andy Williamson, Mount Gilead.

League Champion: Centerburg.

Middle School Champion: Highland.

Boys’ Middle School Cross Country

Winner: Will Baker, Mount Gilead.

Top Ten: John Alexander, Fredericktown; Aiden McManis, Fredericktown; Logan Whitney, East Knox; Jacob Spaulding, Fredericktown; Noah Smith, Fredericktown; Brayden Benedict, Highland; Lucas Overholt, Fredericktown; Brandon Hogg, Fredericktown; Jacob Garber, Highland.

Middle School Champion: Fredericktown.

Girls’ Middle School Cross Country

Winner: Magi Hallabrin, Cardington.

Top Ten: Kate Lehman, Northmor; Adrian Clutter, East Knox; Micah Phillips, Fredericktown; Taylor Thorne, Fredericktown; Payton Tucker, Centerburg; Riley Matthews, Highland; Kimberly Staley, Mount Gilead; Jayden Indiciani, Centerburg; Olivia Griffith, Centerburg.

Middle School Champion: Fredericktown.

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Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS