Township Road 256, Bennington Township, Morrow Meadows Development Inc. to H&H Rentals, $152,760.

5604 Township Road 213, Bennington Township, Fishburn Tank Truck Service to Jarrod Bichon and Timothy Hass, $75,000.

5250 Township Road 21, Bennington Township, Daniel Stout to Jessie and Megan Dulebohn, $352,000.

5654 Township Road 191, Bennington Township, Countrytyme Land Specialists Ltd. to Steven and Koretta Tennant, $134,830.

Township Road 191, Countrytyme Land Specialists Ltd. to Jefferson and Leslie Moore, $130,000.

5443 Township Road 213, Bennington Township, Timothy Hass to William and Shaylee Parsley, $235,000.

116 Nichols St., Cardington, Todd and Karrie Hursey to Katlyn Crouse, $113,700.

113 Lincoln St., Cardington, Angela Wilhelm to Amber Smith, $178,500.

133 Midland Ave., Cardington, Julie Rush to HP Homes LL, $9,000.

117 Lowenstein Lane, Cardington, Buckeye Community Hope 5 LP to Auburn Hills Holding LLC, $270,000.

2854 Township Road 80, Chester Township, Lance and Kristen Polley to Brandon and Lauren Deim, $275,000.

6390 County Road 25, Chester Township, Craig and Michele Boyd to Joshua Eastman, $235,000.

32 W. Sandusky St., Chesterville, Raymond Dubois to Larry and Peggy Cimini, $125,000.

5465 Township Road 59, Congress Township, Evelyn L. Miller Living Trust to Jarent and Kelsey Jessen, $400,000.

4750 County Road 29, Congress Township, JAC Family Trust to Cline Family Trust, $119,298.

Lot 1, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association to Mark and Linda McSweeney, $3,000.

Lot 37, Congress Township, Bradley and Debra Bauer et al to Brian Rozcicha, $230,000.

Lot 149, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association Inc. to Trudi Wilson and Timothy Harman, $3,000.

Lot 106, Congress Township, Timothy and Lynn Brinley to Richard and Patricia Miller, $5,500.

Lots 96, 97, Congress Township, Calvin Loyer to Bradley Bauer and Ricky Beck, $120,000.

Lot 104, Congress Township, Shirley Mannon to Keith and Leslie Shawver, $2,300.

Lots 138, 139, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association Inc. to Picadilly Drive LLC, $6,750.

219 Union St., Edison, Edison Village to Johnson Family Trust, $23,000.

5818 Township Road 105, Gilead Township, Jason and Jacquelyn Colegrove to Larry and Emily Leonhard, $280,000.

132 Vine St., Mount Gilead, Robert Wilson to Raymond Cain, $173,000.

County Road 25, Harmony Township, Steven and Gayle Bradley to Luke W. Forman Living Trust, $358,600.

5520 County Road 25, Harmony Township, Reynoldsburg Health Realty LLC to Manzanita Properties One LLC, $347,000.

4605 Township Road 191, Harmony Township, Paul Baughman to Peter and Cheryl Bachna, $300,000.

3206 County Road 25, Lincoln Township, Keith and Patti Brake to Michael and Betty Smith, $339,000.

4785 County Road 29, North Bloomfield Township, Richard and Tammi Langoehr to Brenton Farina, $93,000.

7337 State Route 314, Perry Township, Michael Peters to Amanda Huvler, $18,000.

1197 Township Road 221, Peru Township, Todd Hayes to Dalton Delancey, $190,000.

1163 Township Road 198, South Bloomfield Township, Earl and Jarrod Stewart to Joseph and Shirley Porter, $60,000.

7390 County Road 21, South Bloomfield Township, Rickie Kessler to Lewis and Mary Eash, $625,000.

County Road 50, Troy Township, TNT Custom Homes LLC to Caudill Property Management Inc., $85,000.

3800 Township Road 49, Washington Township, David and Iva Roberts to SSPC Holdings LLC, $72,000.

814 County Road 21, Westfield Township, Joshua Parks to Charles and Pamela Sullivan, $135,000.

1230 County Road 1, Westfield Township, Edward and Nancy Hughes to Caleb Breshears, $208,550.

Source: Morrow County Auditor

Source: Morrow County Auditor