Cardington-Lincoln Alumni Banquet held


The night was full of rekindled friendships and reunions with classmates as the 94th annual Cardington-Lincoln Alumni Banquet began at 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 25. Over 200 Pirate alumni and guests, the largest crowd since 2019, filled the high school’s cafeteria for the evening’s banquet, business meeting and program.

Preceding the banquet and dinner, a dedication ceremony was held for the new Outdoor Learning Center that is located outside of the vo-ag shop by the guidance office doors. The class of 1973 donated over $11,000 last year for the school district to purchase picnic tables for classes to utilize the space. Gompf Funeral Service donated the plaque and time to hang it on the brick wall beside the overhang door of the shop area. Interim Superintendent Steve Mazzi read a statement thanking the class of 1973 for its donation and christened the space as it is now readily available for use next school year.

Dinner was served by Sue Klingel, class of 1979 and member of the Cardington-Lincoln Alumni Association Executive Committee, and her crew with the high school’s National Honor Society chapter assisting. The table grace was led by Dr. Charles Naylor, class of 1974 alumnus.

The program featured recognitions of scholarship winners, Alumni Hall of Fame inductees, an honorary alumnus, and this year’s 50-year class, the class of 1974. Executive Committee President Quinn Maceyko was emceé for the event, and Executive Committee Vice President Gary Ebert led the Pledge of Allegiance. Donna Ebert, member of the class of 1974, delivered the welcome address and the response was provided by Zane Everly, president of the class of 2024.

Thanks to the large donations from the class of 1953 and class of 1962, the executive committee was able to award four scholarships to this year’s graduating class. The students awarded were Jason Bockbrader, Zane Everly, Lydia Hess and Genevieve Longsdorf. Each scholarship is $1,000.

Executive Committee Vice President Gary Ebert conducted the hall of fame induction ceremony with four Pirate alumni being bestowed with the honor: Robert W. Akron, class of 1930; Marilyn (Hert) Spires-Pierotti, class of 1952; Dr. John L. Patterson, class of 1959; and Lori (Shaffer) Cardiff, class of 1982.

Elected by his peers to be their senior class president, Robert W. Akron assisted in the founding of the Cardington-Lincoln Alumni Association by helping to coordinate the organization’s first banquet in 1930. Akron was a charter member of the Cardington Rotary Club that was founded in 1938. He served on Cardington Village Council and was mayor of Cardington. During his time as mayor, he was president of the Board of Trustees for the Ohio Small City Mayors Association. Akron established the first bowling alley in the village in 1941. Later on, he would own and operate Akron’s Flower Shop in the downtown area. He was elected by the local businesspeople to hold the post of president of the Cardington CIC. Serving in the United States Armed Forces during WWII, Akron came home to be active in the American Legion Post #97 of Cardington, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #8054 of Mount Gilead, and served on Morrow County’s Draft Board during the Vietnam War. He spearheaded the campaign to raise money for the construction of the Cardington Swimming Pool alongside a group of volunteers which would form the first swimming pool board with Akron being elected as co-chairman. He also was a member of the Morrow County American Cancer Society Board.

Marilyn (Hert) Spires-Pierotti achieved her bachelor’s degree in education from Otterbein College in 1956. Important for her to come back and teach at her alma mater, Spires-Pierotti spent 25 years educating students at Cardington-Lincoln Junior High and High School in the subjects of English, reading and home economics. Spires-Pierotti’s well-known role at Cardington-Lincoln Local Schools was being the drama club director; a post she held for 10 years and supported the group as an assistant director for over another decade. Her students would offer sneak previews of the year’s performance to groups such as the Cardington Senior Citizens Club to advertise the upcoming show. She was a former member and president of Cardington Athletic Boosters. Her community activism came through the Cardington First United Methodist Church, Morrow County Retired Teachers Association, and the Ladies Auxiliary of the American Legion Post #97 in Cardington. She delivered Meals on Wheels for Seniors on Center and was a tutor for Cardington-Lincoln Elementary School under the Ohio Reads program.

Dr. John L. Patterson graduated from Dartmouth College with a bachelor’s degree in engineering in 1963. He obtained his medical doctorate in 1970 from the University of Rochester’s School of Medicine. After completing his residency in Louisiana, Patterson arrived back in New Hampshire to operate his own surgery practice for close to three decades before ending his career with a brief stint as a staff surgeon at a branch of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital via retirement in 2005. Patterson had been an assistant medical examiner for the state of New Hampshire and served on the board of directors at a local hospital and visiting nurse association. His civic involvement includes sitting on the Planning Board of Peterborough, N.H., chairing the town’s conservation commission, and was elected to their charter commission.

Cardiff was a member of Cardington-Lincoln High School Class of 1982 and received her bachelor’s degree in education from the Ohio State University in 1986. She became a teacher at Cardington-Lincoln Elementary School upon college graduation and taught first and second grades for 19 years. Additionally, she spent several seasons assisting with the high school’s softball and volleyball programs along with creating the Big Buddy program with former high school guidance counselor Jim Oakes. Remembered by her former students as an impactful teacher, Cardiff was forced to medically retire in 2004. She has spent her retirement tutoring young minds and, in the past, volunteering for Christmas in Cardington by hosting a reading activity in the log cabin located in the American Legion Park.

For the first time ever, the Cardington-Lincoln Alumni Association welcomed nominations for individuals to become an honorary alumnus of Cardington-Lincoln High School. This distinction was given to Col. Chuck Jones, superintendent of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Jones served Cardington-Lincoln Local Schools as a member of its board of education for 12 years with being president for a handful of those. During his time on the school board, his leadership was able to navigate the school district through two financial crises and stabilize the staffing of the buildings to meet the students’ needs. Jones was also the first African-American to be elected to the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education. He was active in the school community as a volunteer coach with both youth and junior high sports along with being a volunteer for the athletic department announcing contests and operating the scoreboard for games. Vocationally, Jones has been in law enforcement for his entire career. He has been a trooper for the Ohio State Highway Patrol since 1994 and currently is the superintendent of OSHP, rising through ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, staff lieutenant, captain, major and lieutenant colonel.

This past year, the Cardington-Lincoln Alumni Association conducted a monetary campaign for purchasing new frames for the Alumni Hall of Fame and Honorary Alumni display on the back wall of the high school cafeteria. Over $7,000 was raised in order for this to happen. The following were sponsors for this feat with their graduating class year (if applicable) in parentheses: Col. Chuck Jones (OSHP); Keith and Morgan (Ralston) Newsome (2001 & 2008); John Brehm; Peggy (Rengert) Rittler (1977); Kevin Mullins (1998); Jessica Keefus (2012); Stan Mories (1978); Lindsey (Robinson) Radcliff (2006); Dick McGinnis (1969); Maceyko Lawn Care; Garry and Debbie (Mullins) Newsome (1974 & 1977); Dr. Julie Kenney (1991); Maggie (Flora) Spangler (1982); Dr. Doug Poorman (1983); Judy (Lamsom) Davis (1967); Matt Clinger (1993); Radel Farms; Steve Fissell (1984); Farrell, Elliott, Wilhelm, and Richards Families; Mathews Marathon; Duanna Ullom (1958) and C. Gill Ullom; Tad Douce; Law Offices of Saia, Marrocco, & Jensen, Inc.; Edgecombe Family; Blake Clapham (2018); Chad Hobbs (2004); Jackie (Mories) Lancaster (2005); Karen (Himler) Jordan (1973); Tom Kenney (1996); Bob New; Wendy (Chappell) Kenney (1997); Jerry and Cindy (Shoemaker) Weston (1978 & 1979); Sally (Ullom) Dye (1965); Denise (Ackerman) Crothers (1983); Heimlich Family; Vickie (Clinger) Ullom (1969); Dayna (Davis) Keen (1973); Sue Klingel (1979); Kathy Mullins (1987); Sarah (DeVol) Garee (1996); Donna (Ackerman) McGinnis (1970); Jackie (Mason) Winchell (1953); Fiant and Shoults Familes; Emily Gattshall (2012); King, Weidner, and Wetzel Families; Rose Mary (Fisher) Clinger (1971); Jenny (Burggraf) Grady (1970); Debbie (Morris) Garverick (1983); Julie (McAlister) Pecko (1966); Trent Crum (2018); Alicia Davis (2001) and Julie (Davis) Jones (2005); Bill Clauss; Poorman Family; Quinn Maceyko (2018); Green Family; Molly (McGinnis) Clinger (1994); Jim Ullom (1963); Steve Cowles and Betty (Shipman) Brandum (1974 & 1977); Dale Barnett Family; Jackie (Breckner) Meyers (1993); Betty (Greenawalt) Grooms (1962); Melvin Maceyko Family; Greg and Morgan Gompf Family; Chad and Mandy (Thomas) Holt (1995 & 1994); Olen Kaelber (1958); Traci (Williams) Ritter (1999); Monty Maceyko (1992); Steph (Castle) Maceyko (1993); Sally (Hull) Kaelber-Givens (1958); Chris Kaelber (1978); Ron Kaelber (1980); Jody (Kaelber) Wittkopf (1984); Jen Kaelber (1992); Diana (Davis) Robinson (1983); John and Terri (Corbin) Linstedt (1972 & 1974); Megan (Robinson) Lane (2009); Vena (Underwood) Counts (1973); Thom and Amy (Wolf) Kipfinger (2001 & 1998); C-LHS Class of 1966; Boe Christian (1999); Bonnie (Pace) Tennant (1971); Nate and Vanessa Fiant Family; R. Michael and Bonnie (Himler) Williams (1973).

Mazzi spoke and provided an update of all happenings during the past school year, including the purchase of land behind the home football stands for potential expansion, current academic trends for the school district, and the success of the extracurricular groups from this year. Following the update, the incoming superintendent, Todd Spinner, was introduced and talked about his excitement for coming into the position later this summer.

Ebert, once again, took the podium to briefly introduce her fellow classmates and honor the 50-year class. She made mention that they will be celebrating the weekend of homecoming in October and will be attending the 5th Quarter event.

The memorial service, conducted by Executive Committee Secretary-Treasurer Darlene (Ebert) Wallace, paid tribute to the over 35 Pirate alumni who passed away since the last banquet.

To close out the program, attendees sang the school song and “Pirate Battle Cry,” the fight song.

Hosts, hostesses, and registrars for the evening were Jodi (Wallace) Snyder, class of 1988; Rob Snyder, Amanda Bush, Jackie (Breckner) Meyers, class of 1993; and Lindsey (Robinson) Radcliff, class of 2006.

Special thank you to the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education, Mazzi, and Interim Treasurer Veronica Rinehart; Administrative Assistant Tracey Zvansky for the printing of the programs; Alumnus Rita (Crum) Castle for laminating the class signs; Memories by Mories Photography for class and event pictures; Mathews Marathon for snacks for social hour; Cook Judy Castle; Custodian Tommy Carsner; Facilities and Maintenance Director Carl Hardwick, Jr.; executive committee of President Quinn Maceyko, class of 2018; Vice President Gary Ebert, class of 1968; Secretary-Treasurer Darlene (Ebert) Wallace, class of 1966; Committee members Vena (Underwood) Counts, class of 1973; Jackie (Breckner) Meyers, class of 1993; Sue Klingel, class of 1979; Lindsey (Robinson) Radcliff, class of 2006; and Dr. Julie Kenney, class of 1991.

The 95th annual Cardington-Lincoln Alumni Association Banquet will take place on Saturday, May 24, 2025, in the Cardington-Lincoln High School Cafeteria.

The Cardington-Lincoln Alumni Association will be holding a 5th Quarter fundraiser on Friday, Oct. 11, following the 78th Homecoming and football game against Loudonville.

Photos from the banquet and more information on upcoming events can be found on Facebook at Cardington-Lincoln Alumni Association and the school district’s website.

Quinn Maceyko is a correspondent for the Morrow County Sentinel.

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