The Mount Gilead Exempted Village Schools Board of Education presents a certificate to Sentinel reporter Alberta Stojkovic for her coverage of the school district’s activities during its Nov. 21 meeting. From left to right: Superintendent Dr. Zack Howard, Matt Griffith, Vanessa Gingerich, board Vice President Brandie Salisbury, Alberta Stojkovic,board President Mike Sayers, Treasurer Tina Gabler and Virgil Staley.

Quinn Maceyko | AIM Media Midwest

At its Nov. 21 meeting, the Mount Gilead Exempted Village Schools Board of Education honored the Morrow County Sentinel’s own Alberta Stojkovic for her coverage of the school district. Stojkovic was nominated and selected as a member of the Ohio School Boards Association’s Media Honor Roll.

Superintendent Dr. Zack Howard read aloud the qualifications for her nomination during the meeting. He said, “The Mount Gilead School District was honored to nominate Alberta for the Ohio School Board Association’s Media Honor Roll because she does a great job of reporting news about the school district and is always timely, accurate, and fair in doing so. Alberta rarely misses a Board of Education meeting, and we are appreciative that she attends regularly to report on business from the school district that impacts our community. Alberta is passionate about the important work she does and takes time to get to know the staff of the district and brings a personal element to the community news that she shares about the school district. As a local school district, we are appreciative of the Morrow County Sentinel and Alberta in particular for providing news coverage about our school community.”

Stojkovic has been covering the Mount Gilead Exempted Village School District for several years and expressed “how fun” it is to keep her community in the news.

She expressed how “easy (it is) to be positive in writing about the Mount Gilead Exempted Village Schools and the (school) board when they are so positive in their discussion and actions. Even when they have questions or disagreements, they are respectful in their communication and comments. It is a hardworking and positive group of administrators from Superintendent Dr. Zack Howard and Treasurer Tina Gabler to each board member. They give their time and efforts not only at meetings, but in many volunteer efforts for the district. They are very focused as a team on keeping Mount Gilead an excellent school district.”

Board of Education President Mike Sayers stated his gratitude for her reporting as he complimented her “transparency and willingness to ask questions, and her (regular) attendance at the school board meetings.”

Quinn Maceyko is a correspondent for the Morrow County Sentinel.