The Costume Contest judges this year were (left to right) Lydia Levering, Kelly Lopez, Gil Ullom, Maggie Ward and Linda Ruehrmund.

Quinn Maceyko | AIM Media Midwest

Over 1,000 people visited downtown and the streets of Cardington on Oct. 28 for the Friends of Cardington’s Halloween events.

“The Halloween festivities, once again, were a big success!” said Lea Ann Maceyko, president of Friends of Cardington.

It began with the Cardington-Lincoln High School Marching Band leading the costume parade down South Marion Street to the stoplight and stopping on Park Avenue for the costume judging in the village’s park.

“The (marching) band did a great job bringing a group of wonderfully costumed children and adults to the park where the (costume) judging took place,” Maceyko said.

The categories and winners for each demographic in the costume contest, listed first, second, and third place, were for boys aged 0-4: Josiah and Judah Mories, William Gaitten, and Luke Hook; girls aged 0-4: Lyric Moore, Evelyn Gear, and Wren Salyers; boys aged 5-7: Preston Osborne, Nash Hampton-Blue, and Hank Titus; girls aged 5-7: Kaislee McCurdy, Leah Rogers, and Hudsyn Mories; boys aged 8-10: Clint Gates, Jacob Palmer, and Blake Wray; girls aged 8-10: Hadlee Fetter, Aubree Coleman, and Addi Rogers; boys aged 11-13: Keith Gates, Jaxson Blevins, and Parker Hess; girls aged 11-13: Lorin Skipworth, Lilly Kendrick, and Kamie McCurdy; ages 14-18: Sophia Reitmire, Lainey Palmer, and Reilly Ryan; ages 19-99: Agri-Electrical, Jeff Osborne, and Noah Nichols; group theme: Seth and Nashay Pryor, Kelzin and Khyree Coats, Martin, Daniels, and Mills Families.

Also, the winners of the house decorating competition were announced. The homes of Ellen Campbell in Beulah Park on South Fourth Street, Donna Mattingly on Water Street, Duran and Sheryl Smith on Center Street, and Chris and Lori Berning on South Marion Street were rated as best dressed for Halloween. Honorable mentions for the house decorating contest were Kelly Wilt on South Marion Street, Roberta Harruff on West Main Street, and Tim and Tracy Ward on North Marion Street. The best dressed vehicle for trunk-or-treat was Duane and Christina Gandelot. Each of the top placers in each contest received cash prizes on behalf of the Friends of Cardington.

Trick-or-treating started at 5 p.m. with the sidewalks packed with children and adults seeking out candy. Several vehicles were set up in the street parking on Park Avenue for trunk-or-treat, too. The Cardington Fire Department distributed candy and junior firefighter stickers to beggars at the intersection of South Marion and West Walnut streets. The Poorman Family home handed out over 100 homemade popcorn balls. The Cardington Church of the Nazarene hosted a “Party on the Corner” during the evening with inflatables, food and drinks.

Residents Stan and Val Mories stated, “We handed out around 750 pieces of candy to trick-or-treaters during the evening.”

Rob and Jodi Snyder administered goodies at Pirate’s Cove Pizza and Subs.

“The costumes were scary, pretty, and very original,” Jodi Snyder said. “The thing that stuck out in our minds was how kind and well-mannered the kids were. They seemed to enjoy their big night.”

The Haunted Trail at Maxwell park was canceled due to weather-related concerns.

Next year’s Halloween events will take place on Saturday, Oct. 26.

Quinn Maceyko is a correspondent for the Morrow County Sentinel.