When the KMAC announced its fall all-conference teams, Morrow County received two Player of the Year awards and three Coach of the Year honors.

Cardington’s Audrey Brininger was named the Player of the Year in volleyball, while her coach, Ryan Treese, was named Coach of the Year. In boys’ cross country, Mount Gilead got the double honor, with Will Baker being named Runner of the Year and Jake Hayes earning Coach of the Year. Mount Gilead football coach Mike Reid was named Coach of the Year in that sport.

Following are the complete KMAC all-conference teams for the fall sports season. In addition, the KMAC also recognizes one senior from every school for every sport as an All-Academic winner. The All-Academic winner must have a GPA of at least 3.5.


Player of the Year: Tyler Johnson, Centerburg.

Coach of the Year: Mike Reid, Mount Gilead.

First Team: Matthew Bland, Mount Gilead; Teegan Ruhl, Fredericktown; Zach Frankford, Loudonville; Hunter Fulk, Northmor; John Geiger, Centerburg; Lucas Herbst, Fredericktown; Hayden Krinn, Mount Gilead; Colin McAvoy, Cardington; Mason Lanthorn, Centerburg; Caylan LeMaster, Centerburg; Max Payne, Danville; Matt Sprang, Loudonville; Carson Steinmetz, East Knox; Dominic Vargo, Centerburg; Charles Naylor, Northmor; Judah Reid, Mount Gilead; Dillon Looney, Danville; Xavier Mullins, Fredericktown; Micah Simpson, Loudonville; Mason Hoeflich, Fredericktown; Levi Lyons, Danville; Tanner Holt, Centerburg; Ryan Lucas, Danville; Kaiden Colopy, Danville; Jesse Rings, Centerburg; Owen High, Mount Gilead; James Henley, Loudonville; Kaid Carpenter, Fredericktown.

Second Team: A.J. Bower, Northmor; Garrett George, Mount Gilead; Bracen Davis, East Knox; Mason Turske, Centerburg; Bo Landin, Northmor; Kaiden Beach, Cardington; Walker Weckesser, Danville; Cole Delaughder, East Knox; Bohdi Workman, Northmor; Cam Alloway, Centerburg; Trevor Breneman, Loudonville; Gavyn Lepley, Danville; Braden Sapp, Fredericktown; Aidan Neibert, Loudonville; Jacob Neighbarger, East Knox; Kendall Carter, Danville; Ashton Clark, Northmor; Tristin Hankinson, Centerburg; Boe Weiser, Loudonville; Ashton Plowman, Cardington; Ayden Plowman, Cardington; Peyton Regan, Loudonville; Gabe Simpson, Mount Gilead; Trevor Bellman, Fredericktown; Logan Small, Fredericktown; Gauge Stepp, Centerburg; C.J. Stoney, Northmor.

Honorable Mention: Wyatt Denney, Cardington; Charlie Sargent, Centerburg; Caleb Lucas, Danville; Blake Elliott, East Knox; Cameron Koelbl, Fredericktown; Aidan Wolford, Loudonville; Ben Whitt, Mount Gilead; Maxton Lower, Northmor.

All-Academic: Zane Everly, Cardington; Tyler Johnson, Centerburg; Levi Lyons, Danville; Carson Steinmetz, East Knox; Lucas Herbst, Fredericktown; James Henley, Loudonville; Carter Kennon, Mount Gilead; C.J. Stoney, Northmor.

League Champion: Centerburg.

Middle School Champion: Danville.


Player of the Year: Audrey Brininger, Cardington.

Coach of the Year: Ryan Treese, Cardington.

First Team: Cadie Long, Cardington; Jadine Mills, Cardington; Stella Weisbrod, Centerburg; Gwyn Sands, Centerburg; Amanda Kincaid, Northmor; Lizzie Erlsten, Northmor; Julia Partington, Fredericktown; Taryn Mickley, Danville.

Second Team: Izzy Wickline, Cardington; Maddy Linkous, Cardington; Leigh Johnson, Danville, Kennedi Glenn, Centerburg; Grace Mowery, Mount Gilead; Chloey Keen, Northmor; Grace Sipes, Fredericktown; Jill Bouton, Fredericktown; Sydney Biggs, East Knox.

Honorable Mention: Payton Goodman, Cardington; Autumn Kennedy, Centerburg; Shelby Colopy, Danville; Gracie Sheasby, East Knox; Taylor Bryant, Fredericktown; Candace Millisor, Mount Gilead; Maddy Blunk, Northmor.

All-Academic: Alexis Crone, Cardington; Autumn Kennedy, Centerburg; Sophie Snively, Danville; Isabelle Schlaegel, East Knox; Isis Stainbrook, Fredericktown; Aspen Hatfield, Mount Gilead; Abby Conant, Northmor.

League Champion: Cardington

Seventh Grade Tournament Champions: Centerburg.

Eighth Grade Tournament Champions: Northmor.

Boys’ Golf

Golfer of the Year: Bennett Hill, Centerburg.

Coach of the Year: Nathan Altizer, Centerburg.

First Team: Will Streby, Fredericktown; Ian Muka, Fredericktown; Steven Street, Mount Gilead; Grant Bentley, Northmor; Nick Meyers, Centerburg; Josh Hackett, Centerburg.

Second Team: Dallas Cornett, Centerburg; Ashton Priest, East Knox; Dylan Reed, East Knox; Cayden Statzer, Fredericktown; Lance Martindale, Centerburg; Aidric Bocock, East Knox.

Honorable Mention: Drew Meyers, Centerburg; Brad West, Cardington; Cooper Thomas, Northmor; Drew Hammond, Northmor; Robbie Streby, Fredericktown; Silas Horton, Cardington.

All-Academic: Dallas Cornett, Centerburg; Steven Street, Mount Gilead.

League Champion: Centerburg.

Girls’ Cross Country

Runner of the Year: Elsa Hoam, Fredericktown.

Coach of the Year: Bob Geiger, Fredericktown.

First Team: Kate Lehman, Northmor; Loey Hallabrin, Cardington; Taylor Severt, East Knox; Magi Hallabrin, Cardington; Payton Tucker, Centerburg; Natalie Hunter, Northmor; Haley Pfeifer, Mount Gilead; Adrian Clutter, East Knox; Kimberly Staley, Mount Gilead; Ryann Brinkman, Northmor.

Second Team: Ellie Kershner, Fredericktown; Micah Phillips, Fredericktown; Taylor Brown, Fredericktown; Kelsey Scott, Fredericktown; Angelina Overholt, Fredericktown; Kacie Rook, Fredericktown; Morgan White, Cardington; Lyla Bishop, Northmor; Danielle Pohlkotte, Mount Gilead; Karley Wallace, Mount Gilead.

All-Academic: Loey Hallabrin, Cardington; Karstyn Walters, Centerburg; Raelyn Todd, East Knox; Elsa Hoam, Fredericktown; Grace Shipman, Mount Gilead.

League Champion: Fredericktown.

Boys’ Cross Country

Runner of the ¥ear: Will Baker, Mount Gilead.

Coach of the Year: Jake Hayes, Mount Gilead.

First Team: Reed Supplee, Mount Gilead; Parker Bartlett, Mount Gilead; Ryan Lehman, Northmor; Owen Krabill, Fredericktown; Owen Hershner, Mount Gilead; Aaron Gannon, Mount Gilead; David Blunk, Northmor; Aidan Reitmire, Cardington; Kaleb Randall, Fredericktown; Brandon Hogg, Fredericktown.

Second Team: Aiden McManis, Fredericktown; Ethan Jackson, Centerburg; Peyton Hogg, Fredericktown; Connor Radojcsics, Northmor; Noah Smith, Fredericktown; Chase Netting, Centerburg; Gaetano Capodicasa, East Knox; Cole Hershner, Mount Gilead; Nathan Smith, Mount Gilead; Nathan Dickhof, Centerburg.

All-Academic: Ryan Clinger, Cardington; Oliver Griffith, Centerburg; Nathaniel Streby, East Knox; Kaleb Randall, Fredericktown; Cole Hershner, Mount Gilead; Lucas Weaver, Northmor.

League Champion: Mount Gilead.

Middle School Cross Country

Girls’ Top 11: Malena Streby, East Knox (1st); Cloe Tucker, East Knox; Riley Cooper, Northmor; Gwen Hershner, Mount Gilead; Madi Shade, Fredericktown; Bailey Crone, Cardington; Haylee Walker, Northmor; Sydney Meade, Cardington; Sophie Mosher, Mount Gilead; Isabelle Bostic, East Knox; Hannah Ambrose, Northmor.

Girls’ Champion: Northmor.

Boys’ Top 11: Jaxon Bechtler, Northmor (1st); Lucas Holland, East Knox; Anson Wenger, Fredericktown; Isaiah Kanagy, Fredericktown; Graham Overholt, Fredericktown; Korbin Rogers, Fredericktown; Henry Bartlett, Mount Gilead; Ethan Turner, Mount Gilead; Lincoln Snyder, Fredericktown; Vinton Naylor, Northmor; Dakota Ensminger, East Knox.

Boys’ Champion: Fredericktown.

Cardington’s Audrey Brininger was named the KMAC’s Player of the Year in volleyball.
https://www.morrowcountysentinel.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/29/2022/11/web1_audreybrininger.jpgCardington’s Audrey Brininger was named the KMAC’s Player of the Year in volleyball. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

Will Baker of Mount Gilead was selected the Runner of the Year in the KMAC for boys’ cross country.
https://www.morrowcountysentinel.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/29/2022/11/web1_willbaker-1.jpgWill Baker of Mount Gilead was selected the Runner of the Year in the KMAC for boys’ cross country. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel
Local athletes, coaches named tops in their sport

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