FULTON — Colonel Kevin Hickman, retired Air Force and a native of Fulton, will return to his home town to deliver the Memorial Day address Monday, May 30 at the Fulton Cemetery.

Hickman is a 1988 Cardington-Lincoln High school graduate and now livesin Florida. Also participating in the Fulton program will be Mayor Michelle Bronson who will lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Terri Hickman and other members of the Fulton Vineyard Church will also participate.

The Gettysburg Address will be delivered with a speaker to be decided. Giving the prayer will be Andrew Schoppelrei, newly graduated from Marion Tech and going to Ohio University this Fall. Last month he was installed as international vice-president of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. He is an active member of the Vineyard Church.

The parade will be led by the Cardington-Lincoln High School band and will step off from in front of the post office at 10 a.m. The band, directed by John Brehm, will play several selections during the cemetery program.

Also leading the parade will be members of Jenkins-Vaughan Post 97 of the American Legion, Auxiliary Unit 97 and Sons of the American Legion Squadron 97.

Giving the Salute to Fallen comrades will be the the Post 97 firing squad.


By Evelyn Long

For the Sentinel