Love One Another: Simple message from local woman


CARDINGTON — Her concern about the tone of civility among the general population, led Lea Ann Macyeko to consult with local clergy. With their support and approval she has organized “Love Will Heal,” a group that she hopes will be approved as non-profit organization.

A web site was set up: “Love will” and colors were selected to be used on the different forms of publicity. “We thought about red and black,” said Maceyko, “but didn’t think people would go for just Cardington colors.”

So after careful consideration, they chose the pastel shades on a black background with the words “Love Will Heal” printed on all of the proclamation forms: posters, yard signs, bill boards, etc. Some merely have the word “Love” printed in pastel shades.

Giving her approval of the move is Cardington Mayor Susie Peyton who said “As mayor, I support this and I’m glad the movement is starting in Cardington,” she commented.

Simple message

It is noted that this is not a political movement.

Paul Turner, pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Cardington, said “Lea Ann approached me with concern about negativity and division related to the 2020 election. We talked about the anger amongst family, friends and neighbors in Morrow County, etc. In response she came up with some yard signs that simply say “Love Everyone.”

Pastor Turner added “I am reminded what Jesus says in the book of Mark 12:30-31 “Love the Lord your God with all our heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” He added the second “Love your neighbor as yourself There is no commandment greater than these.”

Voicing agreement is Pastor Adam Sornchai, St John Lutheran Windfall, who said “It’s an initiation used to bring us together as a community to build us up. It’s a place where we can meet each other on common ground under a universal tent bringing us together as we grow stronger.”

Much needed today

Local resident Linda Ruehrmund said, “What the world needs now is love — it’s the way of inspiring others to join them.”

Susie Sexton, Family and Civic Coordinator with the Tomorrow School at Cardington, said “Our school is proud to have the banner displayed in front of the building. We believe our students are a family. Love brings us together. A lot of our students come from trauma — when you have trauma in your life, love heals young and old people – being part of a loving family is very important.”

Pastor Steven Dennis, St. Paul Lutheran Church added, “It’s a good thing for people to be reminded to be tolerant and compassionate and to trust each other with kindness and love.”

The pastor referenced John 14-through 17 which admonishes persons to love and offer compassion to others.

Maceyko is pleased with the response to the project with calls for different forms of the “Love” phrase made from Ashley, Mount Gilead and other communities. The four letters, in pastel, are fixed in a black background on large yard signs, 3 foot x 5 foot yard signs, 3 by 5 flags, banners, and magnets.

“We have applied for non-profit status,” she said.

Getting one

Interested persons can call 419-864-6981 to learn where the signs, flags, or magnets can be purchased. Information can also be obtained by calling Suzee Q’s or Bunker’s Mill Winery.

There’s an old saying “It starts with one person.” In this case that one person is Lea Ann Maceyko doing her part to bring peace and comfort to a sometimes divided population.

Cardington Mayor Susie Peyton with one of the love flags being sold in Cardington. Mayor Susie Peyton with one of the love flags being sold in Cardington. Courtesy photo
Cardington woman’s message is simple, clear

By Evelyn Long

For The Sentinel

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