CARDINGTON — Meeting Monday, June 15, village council approved a resolution levying a tax replacement of an existing five-year tax (1.5 mills) for the village’s fire department.

This is the final step and it will be placed on the Nov. 3 ballot.

In other business:

• Deb Fry, Fiscal Officer, reviewing the village’s finances, said RITA deposits are down compared to June, 2019, with the total receipts being $26,854.50.

She said these collections are for the month of May. She also said RITA is offering only the letter program this year due to COVID-19. She received council’s permission to participate in the program again this year.

• Council approved payment of bills totaling $52,600, including payments to Converse Electric for upgrades to Maxwell Park ($17,488) and the Rotary (Community) Building ($5,775).

• Council approved an ordinance adopting a resource budget for 2021.

• Approved an ordinance authorizing the transfer of unclaimed fund balances to the general fund and approval was given an ordinance adopting the employee handbook as the replacement for the previously approved safety and non-safety forces handbooks.

• Danny Wood, village administrator, explained the needed change orders for the Water Treatment Plant Improvement project. Council approved the four change orders.

• Mayor Susie Peyton said, after careful consideration, neither the Community Park nor Maxwell Park shelter houses will be available for renting this summer due to the high cost of hygiene (cleaning of the rest rooms, etc.) in response to the state requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Council held the required public hearing before the start of this meeting to review the tax revenue budget for 2021. With no public attendance, the meeting was closed.

• Council will meet next on July 6.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel