The Buckeye Open, hosted by Cardinal Center from May 29 to June 2, had increased attendance this year.

Over 12 events, the total turnout was 4755 — an increase of 69 over the 2018 total of 4656. Saturday, June 1’s Browning Singles Championship had the largest number of competitors, as 859 shooters tested their skill in that event. Three more had over 500 participants and five others were over the 300-shooter mark.

Results of the Buckeye Open are as follows.

Event #1: Wednesday Preliminary Singles

Class AAA, Robert Dyer, 98; Class AA, Mike Dehabey, 99; Class A, David Storring, 99; Class B, Howard Cerovac, 100; Class C, Ethan Holcomb, 99; Class D, James Markley, 98; Sub Junior, Ryan Denes, 100; Junior, Ayden Oswalt, 98; Junior Gold, Garrett Helms, 99; Sub Veteran, Mark Kroger, 100; Veteran, Richard Erdely, 100; Sr. Veteran, Jack Schumpert, 100; Lady1, Beverly Scott, 95; Lady2, Sandra Jack, 100.

Event #2: Colerain RV Handicap

Champion, Tank Lunsford, 97; Runner-up, Walker Adams, 96; Third place, Kyle Farber, 95; Sub Junior, Weston Pettit, 93; Junior, Bryce Havenar, 90; Junior Gold, Chase Cunningham, 92; Sub Veteran, Mark Kroger, 92; Veteran, Jack Borowski, 95; Sr. Veteran, Mike Dehabey, 96; Lady1, Beverly Scott, 92; Lady2, Michelle Charniga, 90.

Event #3: Wednesday Preliminary Doubles

Class AAA, Justin Slater, 197; Class AA, Jeff Fanello, 191; Class A, Timothy McMillan, 191; Class B, Bill King, 188; Class C, Chase Cunningham, 185; Class D, Weston Pettit, 180; Sub Junior, Ryan Denes, 191; Junior, Bryce Havenar, 181; Junior Gold, Garrett Helms, 194; Sub Veteran, Ed Harruff, 191; Veteran, Tom Cecil, 190; Sr. Veteran, Thomas Rhoads, 187; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 194; Lady2, Donna Natcher, 187.

Event #4: Quality Inn Handicap

Champion, Kole Kuenning, 100; Runner-up, Todd Cole, 97; Third place, Anthony Sellaro, 95; Sub Junior, Tuff Hutchins, 95; Junior, Andrew Bush, 94; Junior Gold, Garrett Helms, 93; Sub Veteran, James Markley, 99; Veteran, Stanley Cosby, 96; Sr. Veteran, John Rauzi, 96; Lady1, Elaina McCarthy, 95; Lady2, Mary Thompson, 94.

Event #5: Comfort Inn Singles

Class AAA, Chase Horton, 100; Class AA, B.J. Jackman, 100; Class A, Kyle Farber, 100; Class B, Philip King, 100; Class C, Wayne Higgs, 98; Class D, Richard Dendinger, 97; Sub Junior, Ethan Holcomb, 98; Junior, Andrew Bush, 100; Junior Gold, Austin Jacob, 100; Sub Veteran, Tank Lunsford, 100; Veteran, Jim Schad, 100; Sr. Veteran, Mike Dehabey, 100; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 100; Lady2, Sandra Jack, 98.

Event #6: Quality/Comfort Inn Handicap

Champion, Verne Higgs, 98; Runner-up, Michael Wengerd, 97; Third place, Philip King, 96; Sub Junior, Ryan Denes, 94; Junior, Makenna Brown, 93; Junior Gold, Austin Jacob, 95; Sub Veteran, Tank Lunsford, 94; Veteran, Darrel Murray, 97; Sr. Veteran, Philip Criado, 96; Lady1, Beverly Scott, 97; Lady2, Sandra Jack, 95.

Event #7: Justin T. Slater Class Singles

Class AAA, Chase Horton, 100; Class AA, Jeff Fanello, 100; Class A, Donald Cogan, 100; Class B, Joseph Rossman, 100; Class C, Patrick Huffman, 98; Class D, Seth Finke, 98; Sub Junior, Ethan Holcomb, 99; Junior, Andrew Bush, 98; Junior Gold, Ryan Phillips, 100; Sub Veteran, Carl Schultz, 100; Veteran, Jim Schad, 100; Sr. Veteran, David Kovasckitz, 99; Lady1, Beverly Scott, 100; Lady2, Sandra Jack, 99.

Event #8: John C. Thomas Handicap

Champion, Jacob O’Brian, 99; Runner-up, Donald Schaffer Jr., 98; Third place, Justin Slater, 97; Sub Junior, Charles Moody Jr., 96; Junior, Christian Miller, 97; Junior Gold, Garrett Helms, 96; Sub Veteran, Tank Lunsford, 97; Veteran, Bruce Gilliam, 97; Sr. Veteran, Rife Denlinger, 96; Lady1, Angela Lorensen, 94; Lady2, Tammy Jackson, 96.

Event #9: Joseph Charnigo Class Doubles

Class AAA, Joseph Charnigo, 99; Class AA, Nick Galata, 98; Class A, Ronald Smith, 99; Class B, Brian Farmer, 96; Class C, Charles Moody Jr., 95; Class D, Randy Wheeler, 92; Sub Junior, Ryan Denes, 98; Junior, Adam Bush, 98; Junior Gold, Austin Jacob, 97; Sub Veteran, Jeffrey Schlichter, 98; Veteran, Garl Gresley, 98; Sr. Veteran, Terry Jordan, 99; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 94; Lady2, Donna Natcher, 98.

Event #10: Browning Singles Championship

Champion, Austin Jacob, 200; Runner-up, Chase Horton, 199; Class AAA, Justin Slater, 199; Class AA, Nick Galata, 199; Class A, Charles Cadman, 197; Class B, Mason Cox, 197; Class C, Samuel Hoskinson, 196; Class D, David Fish, 196; Sub Junior, Austin Pohlman, 197; Junior, Andrew Bush, 199; Junior Gold, Matthew Opsitnick, 196; Sub Veteran, John Evick, 199; Veteran, Garl Gresley, 199; Sr. Veteran, Jack Schumpert, 198; Lady1, Elaina McCarthy, 198; Lady2, Betty Peterson, 197.

Event #11: White Fly Doubles Championship

Champion, Dirk Meckstroth, 100; Class AAA, Randy Wilhelm, 100; Class AA, Nick Galata, 98; Class A, Donald Cogan, 96; Class B, Craig Denlinger, 96; Class C, Jackson Sokel, 95; Class D, Ethan Holcomb, 93; Sub Junior, Ryan Denes, 96; Junior, Andrew Bush, 98; Junior Gold, Garrett Helms, 99; Sub Veteran, Kenneth Darroch, 98; Veteran, Ronald Charniga, 97; Sr. Veteran, Louie Morgan, 98; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 94; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 95.

Event #12: Eagle GC Handicap Championship

Champion, Tank Lunsford, 97; Runner-up, Dan Putz, 96; Third place, Anthony Sellaro, 95; Sub Junior, Ethan Holcomb, 94; Junior, Ayden Oswalt, 94; Junior Gold, Addison Curry, 91; Sub Veteran, John Evick, 95; Veteran, Ronald Charniga, 95; Sr. Veteran, Craig Blank, 94; Lady1, Elaina McCarthy, 91; Lady2, Michelle Charniga, 92.

All Around

Champion, Randy Wilhelm, 391; Runner-up, Dirk Meckstroth, 391; Class AAA, Robert Caplinger, 388; Class AA, Nick Galata, 385; Class A, Ronald Charniga, 383; Class B, Dale Schock, 377; Class C, Bryce Havenar, 377; Class D, Dan Putz, 370; Sub Junior, Ethan Holcomb, 384; Junior, Andrew Bush, 386; Junior Gold, Austin Jacob, 379; Sub Veteran, Tank Lunsford, 388; Veteran, Garl Gresley, 389; Sr. Veteran, Craig Blank, 383; Lady1, Elaina McCarthy, 378; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 377.

High Overall

Champion, Randy Wilhelm, 963; Runner-up, Justin Slater, 962; Class AAA, Robert Caplinger, 959; Class AA, Aaron Willoughby, 949; Class A, Roger Peterson, 942; Class B, Bruce Gilliam, 936; Class C, Bryce Havenar, 926; Class D, James Markley, 912; Sub Junior, Ryan Denes, 955; Junior, Andrew Bush, 951; Junior Gold, Austin Jacob, 950; Sub Veteran, Tank Lunsford, 962; Veteran, Ronald Charniga, 951; Sr. Veteran, Mike Dehabey, 949; Lady1, Beverly Scott, 940; Lady2, Sandra Jack, 936.

The Cardinal Center has seen plenty of action in its early-season trap shoots this year. Cardinal Center has seen plenty of action in its early-season trap shoots this year. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

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