Alumni directory update

Linda Ruehrmund, chairman of the Cardington-Lincoln High School Alumni Directory, reports that work is ready to begin on its update from 2001-2018. Persons interested in helping with the process are asked to contact her at 419-864-7520.

It is the plan to have the updated edition ready for the alumni party in May, 2019.

Wanderers take off

The Happy Wanderers are planning to kick off another year of travels with a journey to Columbus on Thursday, February 21. The group will tour the Igloo Letterpress Co., Worthington that morning. This business

has a variety of types of printing materials and book bindings. They offer several classes including calligraphy. Each will print their own greeting card which they can take with them. The group will lunch at nearby LaChatelaine French Bistro and Bakery.

This is a cafeteria style restaurant and will be “pay on your own.”

During the afternoon, they will visit the new National Veterans Memorial which opened October, 2018.