MARION — Ohio Heartland Community Action Commission (OHCAC) is assisting individuals affected by the government shutdown. OHCAC is opening up The Personal Needs Pantry to households affected by the government shutdown needing assistance with personal items, which includes individuals who are unable to receive SNAP benefits during this time.

The Personal Needs Pantry usually assists individuals with household incomes at or below 125 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, but at this time, individuals with higher household incomes, affected by the government shutdown, are also eligible for this service.

The Personal Needs Pantry is designed to service Morrow County communities by providing products that help with every day needs not normally available in a food pantry. OHCAC saw the need in our communities to help families with items such as, cleaning products, hygienic products and insecticide products.

With donations from the residents of Morrow County, they are able to keep the pantry open.

Benefits for household include: Receive items from The Personal Needs Pantry once a month, six times a year.

For individuals affected by the government shut down, please provide: Past 13 weeks of income for all household members, social security numbers for all household members, proof of citizenship for all household members, Government ID (if applicable).

The Personal Needs Pantry is every Wednesday from 1-3:30 p.m. on a walk-in basis. Walk-ins are limited, availability of items may vary. For information, call The Morrow County OHCAC at 419-946-2009.