The Village of Marengo held a special meeting to address a new income tax before a handful of residents who attended the discussion.

The money generated from the tax will go to the general fund to be used for village maintenance.

“A 1 percent income tax for anyone who lives in the village proper or works in the village, including the self-employed, shall pay 1 percent of declared profit, including rental home income,” Mayor Mike Baker explained of the new tax.

A recent estimate of road repair from the Oasis Drive Thru to the Post Office was $40,000, while there is only $18,000 in the road fund. These new monies will help bridge that gap.

“The village needs sustainable income to maintain (itself),” said Baker, “It is not unusual for any municipality to have an income tax.”

Marengo has seen a steady decline in successful new business in recent years, while long time industries have left seemingly abandoned buildings.

Local business owner Sadie Fitzpatrick of Gene’s Auto Service and Marathon Gas in Marengo stated, “We should work harder to get business in town.”

A sentiment shared by many in the small town.

Joe Clause of Plan 4 Land stated that the Village has been in contact with the Morrow County Department of Development about a master plan for Marengo.

Based on a 2010 census, the village stands to potentially gain $65,000 from this new tax, while Mayor Baker states that it will most likely only bring in $35-$40,000. The motion passed unanimously and the tax will go into effect December 2016.

By Gena Wiley

The Sentinel

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