The attendance was improved at the Ohio State Shoot from last year’s event.

In the trap shooting meet hosted by the Cardinal Center, there were a total of 9092 entrants over 14 events, as compared to 2015’s total of 8318. The most-attended event was Saturday’s Ricer Singles Championship, which had 1142 competitors.

There were a lot of prizes given out during the shoot. Verne Higgs won the Kubota RTV 400, while John Crook claimed the E-Z Go golf cart. In the Brittain Motors Open, Robert Caplinger claimed first place, while Steven Sprout was second and David Shaeffer Jr. took third. Michael Wengerd was the Stock Lock II shoot-off winner.

George Klinger was the Handicap Champion of Champions, Ronald Smith was the Singles Champion of Champions and Joseph Charnigo was the Doubles Champion of Champions.

The Kolar Added Money Winners are as follows: 18-19 yards, first, Kyle Kraemer; second, Tanner Cornett; 20-21 yards, first, Zachary Debord; second, Eugene Koczwara; 22-23 yards, first, Jerry Osborne III, second, Leslie Schwartz; 24-25 yards, first, Ian Wilkshire Jr., second, Jennifer Schwartz; 26-27 yards, first, Philip Criado, second, Mike Westjohn.

Following are the Ohio results of the shoot’s individual events.

All Around

Champion, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 394; Runner-up, Michael Wengerd, 393; Class AA, Dirk Meckstroth; 390; Class A, Justin Carson, 383; Class B, Eric Shreve, 380; Class C, Sharon Cogan, 371; Class D, Ray Gajoch III, 369; Sub Junior, Zachary Debord, 382; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 388; Junior Gold, Elizabeth Ternes, 388; Sub Veteran, Flip Jendre, 384; Veteran, Larry Sowers, 382; Senior Veteran, Michael Roese, 383; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 382; Lady2, Mary Thompson, 377.

High Overall

Champion, Michael Wengerd, 1149; Runner-up, Steve Stedman, 1148; Class AA, Dirk Meckstroth, 1146; Class A, Donald Cogan, 1131; Class B, Zachary Debord, 1111; Class C, Sharon Cogan, 1091; Class D, Jerry Russell, 1095; Sub Junior, Madison Pitstick, 1122; Junior, Austin Jacob, 1122; Junior Gold, Justin Carson, 1130; Sub Veteran, 1135; Veteran, Mike Dehabey, 1130; Senior Veteran, Louie Morgan, 1127; Lady1, Ashley Stumbo, 1117; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 1095.

Event #1 – Hunter Brandt Singles

Class AA, Aaron Schwartz, 100; Class A, Eric Jones, 100; Class B, David Greutman, 99; Class C, Jean McCord, 98; Class D, Larry Ball; Sub Junior, Madison Pitstick, 99; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 99; Junior Gold, Matthew Thomas, 98; Sub Veteran, Rick Springer, 100; Veteran, Mark Watkins, 100; Senior Veteran, David Berlet, 100; Lady1, Jennifer Schwartz, 99; Lady2, Sandra Spencer, 99; Chairshooter, Frank Kenesky, 85.

Event #2 – Tom Cochran Handicap

Champion, Patrick McCarthy, 98; Runner-up, Stephen Kovatch, 96; Third, George Pappaliou, 96; Sub Junior, Zachory Debord, 94; Junior, James Benline, 96; Junior Gold, Austin Scrogin, 95; Sub Veteran, Richard Neff, 97; Veteran, Carl Gioffre, 96; Senior Veteran, Donald Waltenbaugh, 95; Lady1, Angela Lorensen, 97; Lady2, Roberta Pappaliou, 94; Chairshooter, Frank Kenesky, 79.

Event #3 – Joseph Charnigo Doubles

Class AA, Carl Chadwell, 191; Class A, Mike Jackson, 194; Class B, Timothy McMillan, 180; Class C, Mark Barker, 177; Class D, Fred Gilliam, 172; Sub Junior, Jerry Osborne III, 176; Junior, J.M. Perrill, 179; Junior Gold, Austin Scrogin, 189; Sub Veteran, Ed Harruff, 189; Veteran, Clyde Findley, 185; Senior Veteran, Sheldon Hostetter, 185; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 183; Lady2, Betty Peterson, 164; Chairshooter, Ziggy Tkaczenko, 124.

Event #4 – Stock Lock II Handicap

Champion, Mike Dehabey, 97; Runner-up, Jeff Friedhoff, 96; Third, Jason Galata, 96; Sub Junior, Jacob Butdorf, 96; Junior, Austin Steele, 97; Junior Gold, Michael Kulifay, 96; Sub Veteran, Rick Springer, 97, Veteran, Don Renner, 95; Senior Veteran, John Hoffman, 93; Lady1, Laura Kuhn, 96; Lady2, Deborah Extine, 97.

Event #5 – Taylor Lumber World Singles

Class AA, Steve Stedman, 100; Class A, Kevin Dawson, 100; Class B, Tony Homan, 100; Class C, Rebecca Bertuzzi, 98; Class D, Jerry Russell, 96; Sub Junior, Zachary Debord, 99; Junior, Jacob Sears, 99; Junior Gold, Justin Carson, 99; Sub Veteran, Rick Springer, 100; Veteran, Ronald Charniga, 100; Senior Veteran, Louie Morgan, 99; Lady1, Ashley Stumbo, 100; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 98.

Event #6 – Detty Outdoors Handicap

Champion, Alex McCafferty, 99; Runner-up, Thomas Gray, 96; Third, Greg Johnson, 96; Sub Junior, Ryan Denes, 95; Junior, Jason Schieve, 96; Junior Gold, Elizabeth Ternes, 94; Sub Veteran, Daniel Keaton, 94; Veteran, William Williams, 95; Senior Veteran, Leonard Rock, 95; Lady1, Beverly Scott, 93; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 95.

Event #7 – Ohio Valley Veneer Doubles

Class AA, Joseph Charnigo, 99; Class A, Richard Zombek, 97; Class B, Ken Pignotti, 94; Class C, James Benline, 92; Class D, Matthew Hall, 90; Sub Junior, Harrison Siders, 93; Junior, Austin Jacobs, 98; Junior Gold, Zackary Anderson, Sub Veteran, Mark Kroger, 96; Veteran, Paul Marthey, 98; Senior Veteran, Donald Petroff, 94; Lady1, Elaina McCarthy, 94; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 93.

Event #8 – Downrange Singles Class Champ

Class AA, John Webb, 100; Class A, Ryan Miller, 100; Class B, Sean Starr, 100; Class C, Evan Barr, 97; Class D, Bryce Havenar, 96; Sub Junior, Zachary Debord, 98; Junior, Gunner Hall, 99; Junior Gold, Justin Carson, 99; Sub Veteran, Carl Schultz, 100; Veteran, Tom Cecil, 100; Senior Veteran, Louie Morgan, 100; Lady1, Ashley Stumbo, 100; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 98.

Event #9 – Pres Jeff Schlichter Handicap

Champion, Robert Caplinger, 97; Runner-up, Will Guingrich, 94; Third, Dirk Meckstroth, 94; Sub Junior, Ryan Denes, 96; Junior, Chase Cunningham, 94; Junior Gold, Nathan Stabinski, 93; Sub Veteran, Ronald Wozniak, 96; Veteran, Myron McBride, 94; Senior Veteran, Thomas Cramer, 95; Lady1, Elaina McCarthy, 92; Lady2, Betty Peterson, 93.

Event #10 – Devault Ind. Doubles Class Chp

Class AA, Joseph Charnigo, 99; Class A, Donald Cogan, 96; Class B, Douglas Comer, 98; Class C, Brad Nester, 94; Class D, Fred Gilliam, 92; Sub Junior, Brady Welsh, 97; Junior, Austin Jacob, 96; Junior Gold, Hunter Galay, 96; Sub Veteran, Mark Kroger, 98; Veteran, Patric Christopher, 96; Senior Veteran, Louie Morgan, 96; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 93; Lady2, Betty Peterson, 89.

Event #11 – Rio Handicap

Champion, Fred Gilliam, 97; Runner-up, Steve Stedman, 96; Third, Kyle Farber, 96; Sub Junior, Clayton Witner, 96; Junior, Ian Wilkshire Jr., Junior Gold, Justin Carson, 91; Sub Veteran, Dennis Cooperrider, 97; Veteran, Patric Christopher, 97; Senior Veteran, Donald Petroff, 95; Lady1, Justine Nussbaum, 97; Lady2, Betty Peterson, 91.

Event #12 – Ricer Singles Championship

Champion, Dirk Meckstroth, 200; Runner-up, John Webb, 200; Class AA, Patrick McCarthy, 200; Class A, Anthony Rossetti, 198; Class B, Eric Shreve, 196; Class C, Justin Jones, 193; Class D, Joshua Chuck, 195; Sub Junior, Clayton Witner, 195; Junior, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 200; Junior Gold, Robert Sanders, 197; Sub Veteran, Raymond Gajoch, 199; Veteran, Craig Blank, 199; Senior Veteran, Rife Denlinger, 199; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 199; Lady2, Mary Thompson, 196.

Event #13 – Kolar Handicap Championship

Champion, Tanner Cornett, 99; Runner-up, Adam Baker, 98; Third, Adam Huysman, 98; Sub Junior, Adam Bush, 97; Junior, Kyle Kraemer, 98; Junior Gold, Elizabeth Ternes, 95; Sub Veteran, Joseph Wood, 98; Veteran, William Swanger, 96; Senior Veteran, William Monroe, 97; Lady1, Jennifer Schwartz, 98; Lady2, Carole Carney, 93.

Event #14 – Doubles Championship

Champion, Joseph Charnigo, 99; Class AA, Dirk Meckstroth, 98; Class A, Lester Wright Jr., 96; Class B, Jason Huffman, 96; Class C, Ed Detty, 95; Class D, Carl Gioffre, 90; Sub Junior, Harrison Siders, 94; Junior, Hunter Brandt, 99; Junior Gold, Hunter Galay, 96; Sub Veteran, Jeffrey Schlichter, 98; Veteran, Larry Sowers, 98; Senior Veteran, Michael Roese, 96; Lady1, Elaina McCarthy, 95; Lady2, Mary Thompson, 93.

There was a large crowd on hand at the Ohio State Shoot, hosted by Cardinal Center, with over 9000 entrants competing in 14 events. was a large crowd on hand at the Ohio State Shoot, hosted by Cardinal Center, with over 9000 entrants competing in 14 events. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel


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