MG football playoff game canceled due to COVID-19

By Rob Hamilton

The Mount Gilead football team will not compete in their scheduled football playoff game Saturday at Lore City Buckeye Trail due to COVID-19.

Interim Superintendent Larry Zimmerman posted on social media Thursday that due to a “concern for a small spread of COVID-19 that requires the quarantining of several of our HS students” he was dismissing school early that day in order to begin a deep cleaning process for all the school facilities.

He later posted that there would be no school Friday, as well as Monday due to teacher training, and that all extra-curricular activities and practices would be canceled until Tuesday.

Via Twitter, athletic director Scott Brickner confirmed that Friday’s football playoff game would be cancelled. He added that the cross country team would not be attending a scheduled meet at Marion Harding on Saturday and that they are talking with the KMAC regarding hosting the league championship meet on Saturday, Oct. 17.

He also stated, in regards to the campus being closed for deep cleaning, that no one should be there, including youth teams and open gyms.

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