MG golfers get win over Cardington

By Rob Hamilton

The Mount Gilead golf team topped Cardington by a 169-199 margin on Tuesday.

The Indians were led by medalist Mallory Graham, who shot 40. Turner Fitzpatrick followed with a round of 42, while Graham Simpson shot 43 and Steven Street added a score of 44. Also, Dallan Maynard shot 53 and Mason Faux shot 55.

For Cardington, both Cayman Spires and Danny Vaught scored 48. Josh Shook shot 50 and Liam Warren had a total of 51.

Highland Scots

Highland had a strong round of golf on Wednesday when they hosted Ontario, claiming a 164-171 win in the process.

Gunner Oakley and Drew Santo were co-medalists, as both shot 39. Emerson Grassbaugh had a round of 41 and Bryce Rinehart followed by shooting 45. Also, Owen Mott shot 46 and Luke Cain shot 53.

Cardington Pirates

On Wednesday, the Cardington golf team fell 188-201 to Marion Harding.

The team was led by Cayman Spires and his round of 42. Danny Vaught shot 51, Liam Warren scored 53 and Josh Shook finished with 55 shots to round out the team.

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