HOJGA announces scholarships for upcoming season

Heart of Ohio Junior Golf Association program will offer junior golfers age 16-18 scholarships through points earned and for attributes achieved throughout the 7-tournament season’s events.

In all scholarship eligibility, juniors must have finished participation in five tournaments. The junior golfers receiving Player of the Year, as well as runners-up to that accomplishment, will qualify for first level consideration to receive a scholarship award.

Upon graduation from high school, the student shall satisfy the following criteria to be considered as the award recipient: (a) graduate with an academic “C” or better. (b) obtain a written recommendation of his/her high school athletic director. (c) the junior shall have conducted himself/herself in manner consistent with the “Code of Conduct” of HOJGA.

Scholarships offered for most points earned are the David J. Wensinger Player of the Year $2000 award sponsored by the Wensinger Family, the Ross Carley Memorial Player of the Year 1st Runnerup $1500 by Jean Carley and Dennis Jesse, and the Wensinger Family Player of the Year 2nd Runnerup $500 award.

The HOJGA 3-Year Accumulative Point $500 Scholarship honors the junior golfer who obtains most points over three consecutive years. (Excludes Players of Year and other affiliated scholarship winners). Must have played in five tournaments in 2016, ‘17, ‘18 to be eligible.

The NUCOR Steel Marion “Most Improved” $500 Scholarship is awarded the junior golfer who obtains the most improved overall scoring average within the current year. Qualifying juniors’ previous year’s average will be compared to present year’s average to find most improved winner.

The Knights of Columbus (K of C) Sportsmanship $500 Scholarship recipient is chosen by juniors within the 16-18 division, whom is believed to present true sportsman-like conduct.

The Marion County Youth Foundation M.E.R.I.T. $1000 Scholarship honoree is chosen by tournament officials, choosing the junior who best represents qualities of good manners, etiquette, respect, integrity, trust.

The Charles W. Emans Memorial Patriot $500 Scholarship is sponsored by Danielle Emans. Tournament officials will select a junior who represents altruism, good attitude, public spirited and integrity, all attributes of Patriot Emans.

The HOJGA 13-15 Player of the Year $500 Scholarship award is offered to the junior in the younger division who obtains most tournament points and meets Player of Year eligibility.

Scholarships will be presented at the HOJGA Year-End Appreciation Banquet on July 26 at Kings Mill, which will consummate the 2018 season.

Information received from Carol Markey.

Information received from Carol Markey.