Cardinal Center holding trap shoots

By Rob Hamilton -

The Cardinal Center closed out May and opened June with a pair of shoots. Karen’s Cup ran from May 26-28, while the Buckeye Classic ran from May 31 to June 4.

In Karen’s Cup, there were a total of 900 competitors spread over seven events during the three-day event. The Buckeye Classic had 5252 competitors over 12 events. Both shoots had slightly better participation numbers over 2016.

Following are the event winners in Karen’s Cup. Event winners from the Buckeye Classic will run in next week’s edition.

Friday Preliminary Singles

Class AA, Rick Rhinehart, 99; Class A, Ron Waldock, 98; Class B, Randy Huffman, 98; Class C, Richard Jackson, 97; Class D, Todd Adams, 91; Sub Junior, Cody Lehman, 92; Junior, Hunter Gandert, 93; Junior Gold, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 98; Sub Veteran, Matthew Gilardi Jr., 100; Veteran, Tom Cecil, 99; Sr. Veteran, Burdette Willard, 98; Lady1, Elizabeth Ternes, 94; Lady2, Betty Peterson, 96.

Friday Preliminary Handicap

Champion, Edwin Kerr, 95; Sub Junior, Cody Lehman, 88; Junior Gold, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 89; Sub Veteran, Ronald Wozniak, 94; Veteran, Carl Kempfer, 91; Sr. Veteran, Edsel Kittle, 95; Lady1, Katherine Kerr, 93; Lady2, Barbara Grant, 84.

Friday Preliminary Doubles

Class A, Dennis Bogner, 190; Class B, Tony Homan, 187; Class C, Philip Andes, 184; Class D, Richard Baylor, 175; Sub Junior, Cody Lehman, 173; Junior Gold, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 194; Sub Veteran, John Evick, 191; Veteran, Nick Bare, 183; Sr. Veteran, Bruce Wagner, 187; Lady1, Elizabeth Ternes, 182; Lady2, Maggie Kalejs, 160.

Singles Championship

Champion, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 200; Class AA, Britt Havenar, 199; Class A, Brad Gorman, 199; Class B, Lester Wright Jr.; Class C, Scott Kunkel, 199; Class D, Randall Pohlman, 188; Sub Junior, Emanuel Butdorf, 195; Junior, Austin Jacob, 200; Junior Gold, Remington Smith, 187; Sub Veteran, Rick Springer, 199; Veteran, Craig Blank, 200; Sr. Veteran, Robert Drake, 198; Lady1, Elizabeth Ternes, 195; Lady2, Betty Peterson, 191.

Saturday Preliminary Handicap

Champion, Rick Springer, 99; Sub Junior, Cody Lehman, 92; Junior, Hunter Plewke, 96; Junior Gold, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 94; Sub Veteran, Richard Erdely, 96; Veteran, Roger Peterson, 94; Sr. Veteran, Michael Riley, 96; Lady1, Katherine Kerr, 90; Lady2, Francine McBride, 92.

Doubles Championship

Champion, Richard Zombek, 100; Class AA, Robert Caplinger, 97; Class A, Timothy McMillan, 98; Class B, Tom Cecil, 93; Class C, Steve Hays, 91; Class D, Austin Whited, 90; Sub Junior, Austin Pohlman, 87; Junior, J.M. Perrill, 90; Junior Gold, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 96; Sub Veteran, Steve Corwin, 97; Veteran, Robert Dyer, 98; Sr. Veteran, Kenneth Kamnikar, 96; Lady1, Elizabeth Ternes, 95; Lady2, Betty Peterson, 89.

Handicap Championship

Champion, Zack Howell, 98; Sub Junior, Austin Pohlman, 97; Junior, Hunter Plewke, 94; Junior Gold, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 96; Sub Veteran, Ed Detty, 98; Veteran, Steven Smith, 95; Sr. Veteran, Tony Gioffre, 95; Lady1, Elaina McCarthy, 93; Lady2, Betty Peterson, 92.

All Around

Champion, Ian Wilkshire Jr., 392; Class AA, Michael Blair, 385; Class A, Timothy McMillan, 388; Class B, Alvin Hott, 372; Class C, Bernie Kleman, 375; Class D, Vincent Eichhorn, 363; Sub Junior, Emanuel Butdorf, 368; Junior, Hunter Plewke, 372; Sub Veteran, Dan Schock, 382; Veteran, Robert Dyer, 389; Sr. Veteran, Michael Roese, 379; Lady1, Elizabeth Ternes, 373; Lady2, Betty Peterson, 372.

By Rob Hamilton

Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS

Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS