April 11

Theft-Caller reported receiving emails stating she had opened a new account at Chase Bank but she had not opened a new account.

A woman reported that she had broken up with her boyfriend and he refused to give back his key although he had removed all his items. She then notified us that when she returned home there was a bullet standing up on her nightstand.

Caller reported his 18-year-old son was highly intoxicated and making suicidal threats. The 18-year-old resisted but was taken to MGH sedated and will given a mental health evaluation.

Caller advised that a patient of the emergency room was being combative and required assistance. It was obvious that he was not only under the influence of alcohol, but also coming down from an illicit drug. He was given a sedative and calmed down.

April 12

Officer assisted fire department with traffic control due to a line down on West Marion Street.

Alarm Drop- at Dunkin Donuts. All doors were secure and everything appeared to be okay.

Officer assisted squad where an elderly woman was taken to the hospital for low blood pressure.

Caller reported a disabled vehicle at the railroad tracks. The vehicle was nearly on the tracks. Contact was made with the owner, who gave permission to push the vehicle off the track and said a tow truck was in route.

April 13

Theft-A woman was reported stealing 2 bottles of Mucinex from Family Dollar.

Lock-out. Entry gained without damage to the vehicle.

Traffic-Man cited for right of way and driving under suspension.

Cardington Police requested assistance with a search of a female that fled on foot. I searched the bathroom of the Duke and patrolled the area. Did not locate the female.

April 14

Traffic-person cited for speeding and failure to reinstate.

Theft-male pretending to be calling from Publisher’s Clearing House and requested money. Caller sent money.

A caller asked for a friend to be checked on. Contact was made and he informed me that he was fine.

April 15

Woman arrested on outstanding felony warrant.

Theft-A caller reported that someone entered his vehicle while downtown and took his wallet, which contained multiple credit cards and $150.00 in cash.

Traffic-Driver failed to stop hitting another vehicle from behind causing property damage. No injuries reported.

April 16

Officer responded to a 911 hang up but property owned stated that the call was accidental.

Traffic-driver was cited for no turn signal and driving under suspension.

A caller reported suspicious activity of someone getting into cars in Kroger parking lot and leaving. Officer made contact with person, and he stated that it was his car but he decided to walk to calm down due to having a bad day. Officer verified the vehicle belonged to the person. Caller said she only saw the man get into one car.

April 17

Caller advised of a light flashing in a garage. Contact was made with homeowner’s son. He stated that his father just put the light on the garage, and it must be an electrical issue.

Caller advised that she tried to reach out to an old friend via Facebook when he started making threats to her via Messenger. She was advised to block him, and officer made a call to Circleville Police Department asking that they have the person call so he can be warned of possible charges.

Accident-a person was not injured but fell asleep. After administering a field sobriety test, he was not impaired and was cited for failure to control.