Marriage licenses


Tyson Blackwell and Courtney Tucker.

Paul Brooks and Jessica Corns.

Jeremy Buck and Natalie George.

Mark Clayton and Tameka Miner.

Justin Cline and Anna Hochstetler.

Joshua Conner and Kayla Roberts.

Travis Conner and Rosnna Hamon.

Cory Cooper and Kaelyn Starkey.

Jason Cooper and Kayela Hale.

Jay Cummings and Sarah Janowiecki.

Travis Davidson and Esther Elliott.

Joshua Dible and Teresa Franak.

Noah Drake and Kendra Howard.

Jacob Garcia and Katelyn George.

Torrey Harris and Melissa Loop.

Kenneth Hildreth and Amanda Wyatt.

Keith Holycross and Carllene Reed.

Owen James and Roxane Spiers.

Maurice Johnson and Morgan Loss.

Barry Johnston and Justina Arnett.

Nathan Klingenberger and Cierra Brady.

Jacob Kraus and Kailee Parsons.

Richard Kuykendall and Tracy Williams.

Joshua Lasser and Ashley Lawrence.

Logan Levering and Rachel Shadwick.

Justin Lindsay and Whitney Levings.

Andrew Maston and Morgan Stoner.

Brody Mayes and Kelsey Reeder.

Brandon Maynard and Samantha Swope.

Samuel McDonald and Misty Teter.

Randy McKenzie and Victoria Laurent.

Mark Mentzer and Amy Meadows.

John Miller and Rachel Fisher.

Cody Montgomery and Morgan Bailey.

Aaron Oldaker and Alexandara Edwards.

Newton Osborn and Melissa Rush.

Raymond Raber and Emma Miller.

Josh Rettig and Jennifer Krupar.

Cody Russell and Lindsey Hertz.

Edmon Salmons and Alanna Persinger.

Michael Shepard and Katelin Mitchell.

Scott Sias and Alisha Penwell.

Caleb Smith and Tina Grogg.

Nicholas Smith and Brianna Ebersole.

Colten Snyder and Kourtney Crum.

Jonathan Sparks and Brittany Ware.

Jacob Spengler and Krysta Sparks.

Daniel Stevens and Denise Osborne.

Ricky Stineman and Rebecca Adams.

Jeffrey Stone and Brittany Reed.

Shyanne Taylor and Mackayla Tyler.

Michael Thompson and Tiffany Green-Lippencott.

Donald Thurman and Rachel Hopper.

Robert Trease and Noresa Nickels.

Danielle Treboni and Karlissa Osborn.

Michael Trent and Heather Rollins.

Elmer Welker and and Christina Miller.

Robert Wilson and Connie Watson.

William Wright and Moriah Mailey.

Corbin Wrights and Elizabeth Flaugher.

Cody Young and Megan Davis.