To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in support of Tri-Rivers Career Center’s Renewal Levy. Tri-Rivers will be on the ballot on Nov. 2 for a 1.3 mill Renewal Levy.

This levy is no new taxes, but continued funds necessary for student success. With the passage of this renewal levy, Tri-Rivers will be able to continue to make a real difference in our communities by producing “work- ready” graduates for real jobs in our area.

Following my retirement as a superintendent and 28-year employee of a Career Center, I was asked to serve as the board member for Tri-Rivers Career Center. As a Career Center employee, board member and currently board president, I have witnessed first-hand the tremendous opportunities students receive from a Career Technical Education and the economic advantages that it brings to our communities.

I have been extremely impressed by the cutting-edge programs that Tri-Rivers offers to their Adult and secondary students. Tri-Rivers understands that skills students learn must prepare them for 21st Century careers in a competitive economy.

Tri-Rivers works directly with businesses in the region, like Honda and Whirlpool, to train students to meet the demands of today’s job market. Working with these businesses and its communities, Tri-Rivers has been vigilant in meeting the ever-changing training needs of the workforce by providing state-of-the-art programs.

After graduating from these programs, 90% of Tri-Rivers high school graduates go on to get a job, go to college, enter the military or earn lucrative apprenticeships. These graduates typically remain in the community and become viable members of our society and the local workforce.

Tri-Rivers is a proud partner in the communities that it serves and will continue to be an economic driver in the workforce. Now, Tri-Rivers needs your help by voting “yes” for the Renewal Levy on November 2. This levy will enable Tri-Rivers to maintain quality programs and facilities, ensure that students have the latest training, equipment, and skills necessary to meet the needs of area employers.

I encourage you to visit Tri-Rivers website: to learn more about the programs that lead to a trained workforce that supports the economic growth of your community. To continue this growth, vote “yes” on Nov. 2.


Glenna Plotts

President, Tri-Rivers Career

Center Board of Education

Mount Gilead