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Highland FFA Greenhand members and officers.

Highland FFA Greenhand members and officers.

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Greenhand Night

The Highland FFA Chapter had their annual Greenhand Night for all of the first year members.

They had some activities including “Get to know you” ball throwing, a short slideshow/video explaining CDE’s/LDE’s, taste testing with green handprint cookies, and a short explanation about SAE’s. The “get to know you” ball throwing allowed bonding between members.

These members now know others fears, what they are excited to happen for this year, what their favorite animal is, and why they wanted to be a part of the Highland FFA Chapter. Then the officers showed a short video that they made about CDEs/LDEs, they also showed a slideshow of some of the CDEs that the Highland FFA offers throughout the year.

During the slide of the Food Contest CDE they gave the members a green handprint cookie that they had to taste to see what flavor they were. After that activity the officers explained SAE’s and what they are. Some officers brought ribbons from the county fairs that they won from showing their animals. Officers also said what their SAE’s are and explained what they have to accomplish every day.

They ended the night with all Greenhands painting their hand green and putting it on a piece of paper that says “Greenhand Night” to show that they are a first-year member and they are excited to be a part of the Highland FFA Chapter this year.

Harvest Party

The Highland FFA has its annual Harvest Party for all of the members in the chapter! The officers had very fun activities planned like Slip ‘n’ Slide Kickball, water balloon fights, volleyball, corn hole, swimming, basketball, dinner, and a campfire.

They started off with the chapter meeting to discuss future activities. Then shortly after we ate dinner that every member was thankful for. They then had a water balloon fight between members of the chapter. Some of the members even got one of the advisors soaked with a water balloon.

The members then went over to the awesome field that the officers made and played Slip ‘n’ slide kickball. They had some good music playing and the members of the chapter were having a blast playing this game. To finish the night off they sat around a campfire, talked about having a great time that evening and some embarrassing moments that happened to some of the members.

Highland FFA Greenhand members and officers.
https://www.morrowcountysentinel.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/29/2020/10/web1_HighlandFFA.jpgHighland FFA Greenhand members and officers. Courtesy Photo

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