Brooke Clapham - FFA Reporter

The 2020-2021 Cardington FFA officer team drove to Camp Marengo for a four-day retreat, July 27-30, to plan the coming school year.

Typically the officer team would take a trip to Carrollton, Ohio and sleep over for three days at FFA Camp Muskingum. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the officer team was unable to plan that usual trip.

Each day, the officers arrived in the morning and a small group would prepare that day’s breakfast. This was also done for lunch and dinner for all four days.

Throughout the day, the officer team was at the camp they planned the Program of Activities and all the dates for each activity. They appointed a chair to each committee, set goals for the chapter as well as themselves

and they explored each officer’s strengths.

The officer team followed COVID-19 restrictions and properly social distanced when they were inside and made sure the food was prepared safely. The officer team was also able to fit in a few team building activities throughout the week where they were able to better their leadership skills in order to lead the chapter this coming year.

Even though this year’s retreat was a little different than previous years, the chapter officer team is grateful for the experience and ready to lead the chapter for the coming year.

Brooke Clapham

FFA Reporter