14000 CR 170, Bennington Township, Daniel Stout to William and Sherri Burgett, $220,000.

1143 CR 26, Bennington Township, Randy and Susan Nigh to Gary and Kathryn Brorein, $171,199.

4962 TR 191, Bennington Township, Ronald and Joan Young to Colton and Riley Stanley, $100,000.

1145 TR 208, Bennington Township, Karen Sharp to Douglas and Bobie Goodman, $80,000.

4780 TR 132, Cardington Township, Ryan Beveridge to Jeremy Tomlinson, $200,000.

209 E. Williams St., Cardington, Donald Walter to Robert and Chasity Coleman, $12,500.

235 W. Main St., Cardington, Scott Lover to HP Homes LLC, $37,000.

126 Midland St., Cardington, David Styer to Daniel and Elizabeth Post, $164,700.

145 Kenny Lane, Cardington, Tim Hass to Margaret VanHouten, $165,000.

125 Lowenstein Lane, Cardington, Buckeye Community Hope 5 LP to Heather York and Jacob Coy, $65,656.

3307 CR 172, Chester Township, Byron Clark to Byron Clark, $174,900.

Denman Avenue, Chesterville, Wallace Construction Co. to Robert and Tina Heindel, $13,000.

Denman Avenue, Chesterville, Wallace Construction Co. to Randall Estridge, $10,000.

Lot 169, Congress Township, Todd and Paula Swim to Ray and Angela Adkins, $1,500.

Lots 296, 297, 298, Congress Township, James and Connie Watson to David Simpson, $19,000.

Lots 385, 386, Congress Township, Kenneth Zimmer and Charlotte Larson to Wayne and Tristan Joy, $17,000.

Lots 48, 49, 50, Congress Township, Daniel and Lynda Teutschmann to Norman Christopher, $22,000.

Lots 275, 276, 277, Congress Township, Kathryn Christ to Paul and Pamela Fling, $18,800.

Lots 139, 140, Congress Township, Anita J. Luscaleet Living Trust to Dixie Lee Cox, $30,000.

Lots 222-223, Congress Township, Cecil and Angela Burton to Charles and Nicole VanHorne, $12,000.

Lots 120 121, Congress Township, Gregory and Elaine Heywood to Charlene Davis and Michael Ray Manns, $18,200.

Lots 167, 168, Congress Township, Franklin and Laura Millard to Leanne Bowdre and Teresa Klingel, $227,000.

Lots 210, 211, Congress Township, Charles and Paula Goodwin to Timothy and Anita Compan, $395,000.

Lot 56, Congress Township, Susan Gedeon to Michael and Karen Kurilec, $5,000.

7065 CR 121, Franklin Township. John Sivits to Zachariah and Justine Petruzzi, $263,000.

126 E. High St., Edison, Harold and Alicia Stuttler to Daniel and Paula Dean, $162,000.

6080 SR 61, Gilead Township, Same and Katie Troyer to Abdelai and Jeanne Bousfiha, $62,500.

198 W. Marion St., Mount Gilead, Roger and Nancy Wren to Rodney Boyd and Jessica Sidders, $75,000.

189 E. Elm St., Mount Gilead, Josiah Schirtzinger and Kayla Reida to Dawn Nijak, $182,000.

298 N. Main St., Mount Gilead, Becky Scott to Shelly Montenaro and Linda Knott, $136,500.

CR 170, Harmony Township, Carolyn Phillips to Erik and Ashley Bateman, $37,900.

5633 TR 122, Harmony Township, Joseph and Jennifer Mills to Bryan Fernandes, $308,000.

3430 TR 155, Lincoln Township, Billy Joe Ferguson to Randall Doan, $260,000.

2797 CR 169, Lincoln Township, RT Renovations to Cory and Samantha Bash, $330,000.

3930 TR 144, Lincoln Township, Ralph Humphrey to David Styer, $26,000.

3159 SR 61, Lincoln Township, Kimberly Bowmar to Isaiah and Taylor White, $268,900.

2219 CR 24, Lincoln Township, Nicholas and Melanie Leland to Fran and Erin Ruedele, $290,000.

121 W. Main St., Fulton, RobertBrown and Elany Covell to Daniel Kiser, $136,000.

203 Vine St., Fulton, Tim Hass to Karlissa Osborn, $155,000.

5710 CR 37, North Bloomfield Township, April Harriger to Grant Carman, $95,000.

9263 SR 19, North Bloomfield Township, Robert Schumacher Jr. to William and Kathleen Burkhammer, $5,000.

7441 CR 242, Perry Township, Catherine Wiseman to William and Carmala Wiseman, $95,000.

TR 21, Peru Township, Bruner Land Company Inc. to Molly Drayer, $64,500.

22 TR 16, South Bloomfield Township, Velma Hendrickson to Michael and Debra Showalter, $35,000.

SR 314, South Bloomfield Township, David and Michelle Munk to Family Traditions Custom Builders LLC, $62,500.

6916 TR 48, Troy Township, Randy Heidlebaugh and Sharon Schwarzwalder to John and Jessica Teaters, $80,000.

CR 37, Troy Township, DeLong Family Living Trust to Forest and Dale Williams, $324,001.

TR 59, Washington Township, Ethan and Adamlee Pfleiderer, $517,930.

181 CR 21, Westfield Township, Travis Conner to Thomas and Christine Batteson, $230,000.

SOURCE: Morrow County Auditor

SOURCE: Morrow County Auditor