Barracudas swim against Willard Saturday


Despite a grim forecast of storms, the Barracuda summer swim team traveled to Willard Saturday to take on the Willard Waves and finished the meet before any ran began. Although the Barracudas won nearly all of the events they competed in, the Waves were able to fill more of the younger age group events and win by a narrow margin.

“No matter the score, it was a very fun meet for us,” said head coach Dina Snow. “For some reason back in the day, the Willard pool was renovated and reshaped to the point that the competition area is only about 18 meters long. Regulation pools are 25 meters long. As a result, I have the swimmers try events they normally wouldn’t swim since they don’t have to go as far. Nearly all my older swimmers try the 100 IM at this pool and it is fun to watch.”

All of the following relays came in first:

Girls 11-12 medley relay: Carolyn Barr, Addison Rabun, Trinity Robinson and Norah Jenks; 15-18 girls medley relay: Cassady Irwin, Kendall Neal, Abby Griffith and Grace Ernsberger; the 15-18 boys medley relay: Nate Rabun, Connor Robinson, Jaxon Tinch and Hayden McClelland; the 9-10 girls free relay: Jackie Edwards, Ella Hanshaw, Harper McClelland and Gabriella Bateman; the 9-10 boys free relay: Paxton Colegrove, Evan Madeker, Holden Jenks and Connor Tschudi; the 11-12 girls free relay: Trinity Robinson, Adylynn Brown, Addison Rabun and Carolyn Barr; the 11-12 boys free relay: Ben Griffith, Ricky Edwards, Ethan Hanshaw and Daniel Forquer; the 15-18 girls free relay: Camryn Travis, Cassady Irwin, Kendall Neal and Abby Griffith; and the 15-18 boys free relay: Niles Bush, Jaxon Tinch, Nate Rabun and Hayden McClelland.

Individual first place finishes: 100 IM: Jackie Edwards, Connor Robinson, Abby Griffith and Nate Rabun; 25 free: Jackie Edwards; 50 free: Adylynn Brown, Kendall Neal and Hayden McClelland; 50 fly: Connor Robinson and Jaxon Tinch; 25 back: Gabriella Bateman and Jackie Edwards; 50 back: Trinity Robinson; 25 breast: Gabriella Bateman and Paxton Colegrove; 50 breast: Trinity Robinson, Connor Robinson, Abby Griffith and Niles Bush; 200 free: Abby Griffith; 100 free: Jaxon Tinch and Cassady Irwin.

Second place: 100 IM: Addison Rabun and Niles Bush; 25 free: Harper McClelland and Paxton Colegrove; 50 free: Ben Griffith, Kayla Young, Grace Ernsberger and Nate Rabun; 25 fly, Connor Tschudi; 50 fly: Kayla Young and Nate Rabun; 25 back: Harper McClelland and TJ Salyer; 50 back: Adylynn Brown, Ben Griffith, Kayla Young and Camryn Travis; 50 breast: Adylynn Brown, Ben Griffith and Kendall Neal; 100 free: Grace Ernsberger.

Third place: 100 IM: Kendall Neal and Aaron Rabun; 25 free, Holden Jenks; 50 free: Trinity Robinson, Ethan Hanshaw, Avery McClelland and Aaron Rabun; 25 back: Paxton Colegrove; 50 back: Ricky Edwards; 50 breast: Addison Rabun, Brody Leffler, Avery McClelland, Grace Ernsberger and Aaron Rabun.

The team will finish out the season with the ASAC league championships on July 13 at Loudonville.

Information received from Dina Snow.

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