Ready for Hire classes to start


The Morrow County Ready for Hire program at the Tomorrow Center in Cardington will offer a diverse array of classes for high school students during its Summer Program from June 3 through July 3. Classes will be offered to ninth- through 12th-grade students Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., with classes offered at flexible times to fit into busy summer schedules.

Class offerings

• 3D modeling/3D design with Mr. Hunter – Join Mr. Hunter for an immersive exploration of 3D modeling and design. In this hands-on class, students will learn to create their own 3D objects using programs like Tinkercad and Blender. From designing custom creations to modifying existing files, students will unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life. With access to high-quality filament and resin printers, participants will see their designs materialize into tangible objects, ready for painting and display.

• Dungeons & Dragons with Mr. Hunter – Embark on a thrilling adventure as Mr. Hunter leads a Dungeons & Dragons game. Dive into the world’s oldest fantasy role-playing game and develop teamwork, social-emotional skills, and critical thinking as you journey through epic quests and challenges. Mr. Hunter will also offer an extra class focused on creating your own Dungeons & Dragons worlds, characters, and settings.

• Digital art and photography with Mr. Sumner – Explore the world of digital art and photography with Mr. Sumner’s engaging program. Learn essential software programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Procreate to create and edit images with precision and creativity. With access to high-quality digital cameras, students will capture the beauty of nature, people, and more while discovering diverse career opportunities in graphic design, animation, and game development. This program involves field trips to local parks so students can put their photography skills to practical use.

• Gardening, cooking, and science with Mrs. Anderson and Nan – Join Mrs. Anderson and Nan for a hands-on exploration of gardening, cooking, and science. From tending to the garden to learning culinary skills using fresh produce, students will engage in a variety of enriching activities. Field trips to COSI, Mt. Gilead State Park, and the Ohio Historical Society will complement hands-on experiments, providing valuable insights into weather, money management, and job skills.

• Stained glass and 3D art with Ms. Rodriguez – Discover the beauty of stained glass and 3D art with Ms. Rodriguez’s captivating program. Learn the history and techniques of glass art before creating stunning stained glass pieces. Explore other mediums such as PMC and resin while gaining valuable insights into the business side of art. Also, join Ms. Rodriguez for a relaxed book club where students can share and discuss their favorite reads in a laid-back atmosphere.

Registration is open for the Ready for Hire program. Interested students should ask their school counselors for an application or contact Morrow County Site Coordinator Becky Nolen at [email protected] or Joshua Hunter at [email protected].

Submitted by Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center.

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