Morrow County to be served by UWNCO


A realignment of Ohio United Way regions by the national United Way network has resulted in United Way of North Central Ohio (UWNCO) being designated as the body responsible for work in Morrow County. Dissolution of the nonprofit entity previously known as United Way of Morrow County has been completed through the office of the Ohio Attorney General and all assets have been converted.

Local United Way organizations are independently incorporated nonprofits operating autonomously under the auspices of the United Way network.

“When the decision was made to dissolve the United Way agency in Morrow County, we were selected by the national network to bring the county into our service area,” said Amber Wertman, executive director of United Way of North Central Ohio. “As an organization that was originally three separate United Way agencies, we have experience with leveraging resources and using the collective impact model to broaden and intensify our results across a larger region.”

All pledges and donations made by Morrow County donors will be invested in nonprofit organizations working to make life better for Morrow County residents unless designated for another county by the donor.

“United Way of North Central Ohio is committed to scrupulous stewardship of all gifts made in support of United Way partners in Morrow County,” said Wertman. “In fact, we already fund many partners who are also operating in Morrow County so the transition will be pretty straightforward.”

This integration will allow for full focus on developing local funding and support for Morrow County nonprofit agencies. To facilitate this focus, UWNCO Chief Development Officer Angie Voll will serve as development director for United Way of North Central Ohio serving Morrow County.

The former board of directors for United Way of Morrow County will transition to an advisory council and Morrow County will be allocated a percentage of seats on the UWNCO Governing Board.

“Amber has been working closely with us throughout the dissolution process,” said John Hinton, former board president of United Way of Morrow County. “UWNCO has shown us that they are fully invested in making sure that United Way’s presence in Morrow County continues to grow and that our local nonprofits are supported.”

“We are also very grateful to our former executive director, Jodi Hayes, for the enduring impact she has made in the community,” Hinton said.

“Jodi has taken on the role of program administrator of the Esther’s Dream program, and I know she will continue to support the county in additional ways,” said Wertman.

Esther’s Dream is a Morrow County program under the administration of United Way of North Central Ohio that provides free special event clothing, shoes, and accessories to individuals in need.

United Way of North Central Ohio now serves Crawford, Marion, Morrow, and Wyandot counties, and is committed to transparency in all their work. They will continue to provide updates about this transition and welcome questions. Please visit or call 740-383-3108 for more information.

Submitted by United Way of North Central Ohio.

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