I inherited a box of Searchlights from Evelyn Long’s house this past summer after she passed, and I intend to work my way through them over the next several months.

“The Searchlight” of Cardington-Lincoln High School was the monthly publication of the student news group. Founded in 1942, the club shuttered almost 20 years ago, in 2004, before being reinvigorated in 2022 into an online school district news magazine that is now featured on the school’s website.

When looking at this particular version of “The Searchlight,” you notice the style of printing is from a typewriter. It incorporates not only reports about recent school activities and events, but letters to the editor, community news, holidays, and class updates. A Valentine’s Day crossword puzzle and Presidents’ Day matching game are featured on the back cover.

The editor for the 1986-87 version of “The Searchlight” was Julie James. Class editors were Rod Squires, Chris Lorello, and Melissa Lee with the business editor being Bonnie Daniels. Daniels, Candy Penn, and Rick Green with Green serving in the role of copy editor, too. Yvonne Sparks was the layout editor, Troy Ruehrmund in charge of advertising, and photos being taken by David Johnson.

The front cover featured the crowned Winter Sports Night Queen Ann Poling. Inside, the “from the editor” piece written by James discussed the perception of “corrupt teenagers” and how the world only sees the bad of their generation instead of the good.

Reporter Michelle Linder wrote a piece on six ways to cope with the stress of being a teenager. The Green Parrot Cafe, where today’s Subway in Cardington is located, owned by Tony Lamas, celebrated its first anniversary. Reporter Greg Perry talked about the weightlifting program at C-LHS and how “weight training is an essential part in the development of today’s modern athletes.” Jim Trainer was the advisor to the program.

Finally, the vo-ag chapter continued its annual tradition in FFA basketball playing against Northmor’s FFA, Mount Gilead’s FFA, and Cardington-Lincoln High School’s Industrial Arts Club, Science Club, and History Club. Members of the team were Mark Storer, Steve Blaetterman, Shawn Boller, Matt Crum, Mark Joyce, Shane Miller, Mike Bircher and Mike Osborne. Today, the FFA basketball team competes against members of the faculty and staff of Cardington-Lincoln Local Schools.

The most significant part of this communication is the advertisements. Only seven businesses are still active today: Wigton’s Real Estate and Auction, Cardington Home & Auto (Carsner’s), Mathews Marathon (was a service station under Phillips 66 in 1987), Morrow Lanes, Maceyko Tax, and Rainbow 7 (now Suz-e-q’s). Dr. David Steck’s dentistry practice was sold off to Cardington Family Dental close to a decade ago. Bank One Corporation, now known as Chase Bank, closed up shop and First Federal Bank sits in its place today. Levering Brothers Plumbery, Kinsell’s Foods and Self-Serve Laundry, Carriage House Beauty Salon, Cardington Family Pharmacy, George Sherman & Son Hardware, Newsom’s Auto and Wrecker Service, Al’s Restaurant, Green’s Lite Stop, and Darlene’s Flowers have closed due to retirement or other reasons over the last 37 years.

Looking Back:

• 90 years ago, February 1934: John Dillinger and three members of his gang, who robbed the Citizens Bank in Cardington of $14,000 on July 14, 1933, were captured in Tucson, Arizona. Cahoon’s Store had cotton blankets for sale at 98 cents and pure silk hose at 49 cents.

• 80 years ago, February 1944: Nightwatchman Ralph Sanderson began his 24th year in his post for the Village of Cardington. He was also the fire chief for a period of time and a substitute mail carrier. The Cardington-Lincoln High School FFA Chapter won Morrow County’s parliamentary procedure contest. The students participating were Clydelle Thomas, George Davis, Eugene Heimlich, Robert Liggett, Neil Patzer, Donald Schrote, Harry Radel, Richard Heimlich, Pearl Redman, and Nelson Clinger. Lt. Carl Ackerman departed for Lockbourne Air Base, south of Columbus, for training as a member of the Flying Fortress.

• 70 years ago, February 1954: Richard Orweiler purchased the Maxwell Frozen Food Locker Plant from Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Maxwell. Kramer’s Confectionery celebrated their two-year anniversary by holding specials such as “Buddy Sale Sundaes” with the first one being 15 cents and the second only for one penny.

• 60 years ago, February 1964: Cardington CIC was granted its non-profit corporation by Ohio’s Secretary of State Ted W. Brown. The first trustees of the group were Walter Long, Theodore A. Gantz, Ralph W. Standley III, Zeb Russell, William C. Johnstone, Wayne C. Jenkins, D. D. Dunham, Wilbur McAlister, and George Dion. Superintendent J. Lowell Patterson announced his retirement after 32 years in education at Cardington-Lincoln Local Schools.