Cardington Village Council took care of necessary financial business at its regular meeting on Nov. 20.

A total of six ordinances were read during the finance officer’s portion of the meeting. Ordinance 2023-33 for the purpose of adopting a tentative budget form for 2024 was given its first reading and will be read again at the next council meeting.

Ordinances 2023-29 regarding the municipal income tax changes due to the adoption of House Bill 33 was given its third reading and passed.

Ordinance 2023-35, which approved the edition and inclusion of certain ordinances as parts of the various component codes of the codified ordinances was read before council. A motion to suspend the rules and move to the final reading was made and approved, and the ordinance was passed and adopted.

Ordinance 2023-36 amending a permanent budget for 2023 was read. A motion to suspend the rules and move to the final reading was made and approved and the legislation was passed and adopted as read.

The final piece of legislation presented from the finance officer was Ordinance 2023-37 to amend appropriations and other expenses for the Village of Cardington for the fiscal year ending Dec. 31. A motion to suspend the rules was made and approved, moving the ordinance to its final reading where it was passed and adopted by council.

In the update from the Cardington Police Department, Chief James Wallace stated that the department had responded to a total of 49 calls during the month of October.

Wallace informed the council that Officer Jason Kiefer had attended training at the OSP Academy for Commercial Vehicle Enforcement. He also stated that Officer David Convey would be attending training later in November to become a certified instructor for tasers.

“Officer Convey volunteered to do this. After the training, Officer Convey will be able to recertify us and any other department that requests it in the use of our tasers,” said Wallace.

Chief Gary Goodman reported that the Cardington Fire Department has received close to $60,000 in grants during 2023, and he stated that they had applied for a recent grant that he was hopeful would go towards the replacement of radios for the station.

“A quick reminder that you are allowed to have a 3-by-3 recreation fire, for recreation only. And you are not allowed to burn leaves at all,” said Goodman. “We haven’t had too many problems, but just a reminder.”

During the Community Improvements, Zoning, and Parks Committee portion of the meeting, two ordinances were read.

Ordinance 2023-24 regarding a Flood Damage Reduction Ordinance for the village was given its second reading, and will be read for a third and final time at the next meeting.

Ordinance 2023-35 authorizing written return to the Morrow County auditor pursuant to village Ordinance 2007-13 regarding the removal of noxious weeds was read for the first time. This legislation will allow the village to recover taxes for the properties that the city mowed this year.

The next council meeting will be held Dec. 4 at 6:30 p.m.

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