County Board of Health Issue passes


MORROW COUNTY- Morrow County Board of Elections (BOE) Deputy Director April Brown was pleased to report a voter turnout of 52.96 percent at the November 8 General Election.

Brown pointed out that the present results are “unofficial” due to some 184 provisional ballots and 212 absentee ballots still to be counted. Those ballots will affect numbers in the final “official” result. The official results will be posted on November 22.

13,338 voters cast ballots of 25,184 registered voters in the county. 9,399 cast ballots on Election Day in their precincts, while 2,100 voted early in the BOE office and 1,839 cast mail-in votes.

The Morrow County Board of Health .5 mill Renewal levy passed with 7,073 for the levy and 5,954 against. The Board of Health levy was the only countywide issue on the November 8 ballot.

Board of Election member Tim Sharrock said the election went smoothly throughout the county with nothing unusual to report.

Local levies had a mixed response with most renewal levies passing and a couple additional or replacement levies failing.

*Cardington Public Library additional, current expenses 1 mill, 5 years was very close with 1,082 for the levy and 1,073 against in Morrow County precincts. The one precinct in Marion County had 76 against and 51 for.

*Iberia Joint Fire additional levy, 2.75 mills, continuing was approved with 677 for and 532 against the levy.

*Village of Chesterville renewal, current expenses, 3 mills, 5 years passed with 44 for the levy and 17 against.

*Edison Village, renewal, current expenses, 3.4 mills, 5 years had 77 for the levy and 62 against.

*Edison Village, replacement, street repair, 2 mills for 5 years was defeated with 74 against and 65 for the levy.

*Village of Sparta, renewal, current expenses, 3.4 mills, 5 years, had 35 for the levy and 25 against.

*Congress Township, renewal, .02 for 3 years, for cemeteries, had 728 for the levy and 498 against.

*Harmony Township, additional for roads, 2.5 mills for 3 years received 513 for the levy and 459 against.

*Bennington Township for Sheetz beer had 498 yes votes and 145 no votes.

*Bennington Township for Sheetz beer on Sunday had 467 yeas votes and 171 no votes.

*River Valley School District ley of 2.6 mills for 5 year, renewal was defeated with 2,505 against and 1973 for with all precincts reporting. There were two Morrow County precincts counted with 121 against the levy and 54 for the levy.

*First Consolidated Fire, renewal of 4 mills for 5 years passed with 958 for and 642 against. There was one Morrow County precinct counted with 85 for the levy and 85 against.

Voter turnout high for Mid-term Election

By Alberta Stojkovic

For the Sentinel

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