Northmor’s cross country teams placed well at the Ontario Bill Brown Invitational on Saturday, with the boys taking third out of 14 teams and the girls placing fourth out of 12.

Ryan Lehman was second overall in the race for the boys’ team. His time was 17:03.87. David Blunk finished seventh in 17:24.99 and Lucas Weaver ran 10th in 17:31.07. Connor Radojcsics was 27th in 18:15.33 and Levi Hunter placed 38th in 18:54.35, while Bryce Cooper was 57th in 19:43.26 and Ethan Amens claimed 61st in 19:50.05.

Also, Thomas Keen was 63rd, Parker Brown was 87th and Dane Creswell was 95th.

Kate Lehman led the girls’ team by running third in 20:32.94, while Natalie Hunter took seventh in 21:07.44. Ryann Brinkman claimed 19th in 22:10.31, Lyla Bishop ran 40th in 23:46.79 and Maizy Brinkman finished 46th in 24:17.32. Shelby Cooper placed 48th in 24:21.11 and Sarah Abrams claimed 51st in 24:34.82.

Also, Katie Statler was 72nd, Kelbie Kightlinger was 75th, Harley Barler was 94th, Ella Creswell was 95th and Emily Littleton was 114th.

Mount Gilead Indians

The Mount Gilead boys’ cross country team finished third out of 23 teams Saturday at the Strongsville Invitational.

The Indians were led by Will Baker, who placed fourth with a time of 15:49.43. Reed Supplee took 15th in 16:08.96 and Parker Bartlett took 17th in 16:12.39. Running 45th was Aaron Gannon with a time of 16:51.68, while Owen Hershner took 59th in 17:05.92. Cole Hershner placed 124th in 18:24.02 and Nathan Smith ran 150th in 18:55.33.

Also, Quade Harris was 182nd and Luke Fraizer was 183rd.

The girls’ team placed 19th out of 21 competing teams. They were led by Haley Pfeifer, who was 57th in 20:57.56, while Kimberly Staley took 69th in 21:16.28 and Karley Wallace placed 119th in 22:31.34. Danielle Pohlkotte claimed 126th in 22:42.97, Madilyn Elson ran 144th in 23:13.49 and Grace Shipman placed 157th in 24:25.6.

Cardington Pirates

The Cardington boys’ cross country team finished fourth out of nine teams in the small school race of the Malone Invitational.

Aidan Reitmire took fourth place in the race with a time of 18:18.1 to lead the Pirates. A.J. Brehm ran 10th in 19:04.3 and Brandon Elliot-Hughes took 18th in 19:47.9. Brayden Rammelsberg took 27th in 20:25.6 and Ryan Clinger was 47th in 22:13.8, while Aaron Howard took 59th in 25:21.5 and Brayden Lackey finished 60th in 25:34.5.

The Lady Pirates didn’t have a full team, but all four of their runners finished in the top 20.

Loey Hallabrin was third with a time of 20:33.9 and Magi Hallabrin finished eighth in 22:12.2. Also, Morgan White placed 16th in 22:55.4 and Gracie Meade ran 19th in 23:40.3.

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