Vintage Cars at Mid-Ohio in late June


Several races were held at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in late June as part of the race track’s annual Vintage Grand Prix.

During the event, which ran from June 24-26, multiple races were held in seven group races and an Enduro also was held.

In that Enduro, which was held on June 26 and ran for an hour with 12 cars competing, the winner was Nathan Byrd. Craig Hillis took second place and Lisa Hanson took third.

Three races were held in the IGT Feature group. The first was won by Tom Pank. The duo of P.J. Hyatt and Gunnar Jeannette was second and Stephen Hamman was third.

Hyatt and Jeannette won the second race, while Pank was second. Todd Sloan claimed third place. In the third race, Hyatt and Jeannette won again. Pank finished second and Mark Mathys rounded out the podium in third.

Two races were held in each of the other six group races.

In the Group 1, 3, 4 and 5b Mazda races, the first one was won by Malcolm Ross, while Robert Baxter took second and John Nash finished third. Baxter would then win the second race, with Ross and Nash taking second and third, respectively.

For Group 2, the first race was claimed by Eric Langbein. Joe Blacker was second and Dan Cowdrey finished third. Eric Wisniewski finished first in the second race, with Cowdrey placing second and Eric Inkrott taking third.

In the first race for Groups 5a, 7, 9 and 11, Stuart Crow took first place, while David Huber was second and Nathan Byrd finished third. Crow also won the second event, with Byrd placing second and Todd Sloan running third.

For Groups 6 and 12a, the first race was won by Scott Borchetta. Michael Origer finished second and Jonathan DeGaynor was third. Borchetta also won the second race, with DeGaynor placing second and Alan Davidson finishing third.

The first Group 8 and 12b race saw Steve Schardt claim the checkered flag. Lisa Hansen was second and Brian Thomas Himes finished third. In the second race, Himes finished first, while Hansen was second and Drake Dittman took third.

Finally, in the first Group 10 race, Joe Nemechek ran first, while Scott Borchetta was second and Timothy Haines placed third. Nemechek and Borchetta repeated as first and second in the second race. Debbie Cloud rounded out the top three.

By Rob Hamilton

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