MOUNT GILEAD — Village Administrator Derek Allen reminded Mount Gilead Village Council members of Spring Cleanup days Thursday, Friday and Saturday April 21-23.

Allen said they will follow the same cleanup program as last year with a free option for residents to bring large items like sofas to the Cherry Street pool parking lot. Village crews will be on hand from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. April 21-23 to help people unload items and place them in dumpsters. Residents need to bring ID with their village address or a utility bill to show village residence.

Residents can put trash bags and small items on the curb free of charge. Large items can be placed on the curb and will be charged the same fee as year-around fees. Fees begin with chairs at $5, love seat $10, Sofa $15, Mattress, $15, Box Spring $15 and Hide-a-bed $25.

They can’t take paint, chemical items, tires, yard waste or appliances.

There was a field inspection of the tennis courts/pickleball courts with some pickleball enthusiasts who gave input before finalizing plans.

The basketball courts and tennis courts should be ready for bidding in May. The pool deck should be ready for bidding in May.

Old light fixtures on Field A were checked. Of the 24 lights on the field, only six work and need to be replaced with LED lights.

Police, fire and council reports

Police Chief Adam Lakey said, “Officer Micheal Turner has completed his probationary period and has proven to be an asset to the department.”

Council approved Turner as a permanent employee of the police department.

Lakey said all full-time officers are now certified on Taser and are carrying them on duty. Whitehall Police Department donated two more Tasers and batteries to the department.

Captain Cronenwett and Cadet Meyer instructed active shooter training for the Mount Gilead Library staff.

Lakey reported on the speed records posted at Park Avenue. The speeds averaged just over 21 MPH with some spikes in speed during some hours.

Fire Chief Chad Swank said the new tanker arrived to replace the 1990 tanker. The tanker was paid for by an Ohio First Responder grant of $387,000 with the fire department paying $20,000.

Council Member Kay Hines said signs have been requested by some residents to recognize state athletic achievements. One suggestion was to place signs at the driveway entrance to the high school.

The committee is accepting suggestions and looking at how other villages recognize state awards.

Mayor Jamie Brucker said he is working on plans for July 4 fireworks. Donations for fireworks are still being accepted.

The water has now been turned on at the Dog Park as village employees get the Cherry Street playground opened.

By Alberta Stojkovic

For the Sentinel