MOUNT GILEAD —Who knew SpongeBob could save his world—with help from Patrick and Sandy Cheeks, of course. That’s what happened over the weekend at Mount Gilead High School under the direction of Jeremy Barr, Cierra Ward and Jaime Zeger. Students performed The SpongeBob Musical starring, but certainly not limited to, Kate Kelty as Patrick, Maddison Hursey as SpongeBob, and Mackenzie Sidders as Sandy Cheeks. And who knew Squidward could dance? “Many of these students grew up watching SpongeBob and were excited to jump into those characters. We also have enjoyed how funny the show is. I think both a benefit and challenge of this show has been that the students know all the characters. We had to break the idea that they had to act exactly like the character in the show and encourage them to put there own spin on their character,” said director Cierra Ward.