Mt. Gilead — The Galion Graders baseball team is not playing in 2022, but there soon could be a Galion Grader operating nearby. Hidden Lakes Campground has a grader that they hope to get back working by the time they open in April.

When looking at the Grader you can see that it spent some time with Polk Township. Information provided points toward the grader being 57 years old — at least.

“We gave $4,500 for it. We used it a couple times and then parked it there — where it stopped running,” board member Dale Butts said.

The immediate plans are to work on the roadways in the campground, prior to the campground opening in April.

Another board member was very interested with this large piece of machinery, possibly even having a connection to it.

“My father in law, Jim Duncan, may have assembled it. My dad may have painted it,” Terry McMillen said. There is a good chance he has family that made these for a living.

Galion Iron Works Company produced many of the Galion Graders that helped create many of the roads you will see across the country. That all started in Galion, Ohio.

When looking online, there are plenty of newer model graders for sale. The one that the campground is using is much older.

To keep a vintage grader operating, close to its birthplace, would be nostalgic. Anyone with Galion Grader mechanical knowledge who might be able to help should contact Hidden Lakes Campground at 5248 Township Road 108 in Mt. Gilead.

By Brandon Little

[email protected]