MOUNT GILEAD — In conjunction with Ohio’s statewide efforts to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to Ohioans in Phase 1B starting the week of Jan. 19, the Morrow County Health District and the Morrow County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) are partnering to lead the vaccination efforts.

The combined knowledge and decades of training will allow these agencies to continue to serve our local community as we work to vaccinate Ohioans in our community, a news release states.

“The Morrow County Health District and Morrow County EMA have partnered to lead the vaccination process in Morrow County. We have trained for years in preparation for this kind of vaccination event.

Your Morrow County Health District is dedicated to keeping our community healthy using prevention, resources, and education. Our experience with vaccinating for the seasonal flu and the H1N1 pandemic, as well as ongoing training, has prepared us for this work. Your Morrow County EMA continues to serve the community as an information and resource support agency. Together, we are well-equipped to lead this effort in our community, and we are committed to supporting each other to ensure the success of the COVID-19 vaccine campaign.

While we know that many people in our community are eager to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, we must be patient while the demand for the vaccine remains higher than the available supply. As vaccine supply increases, we will be able to vaccinate more of those in Phase 1B, and eventually, all Ohioans who choose to be vaccinated will be able to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

Our goals for Phase 1B vaccinations are to save lives of the most vulnerable citizens and to get kids back in school. Vaccines are in short supply in Ohio and across the country. County allocations are expected to be in the hundreds, not thousands, as we begin vaccinating these Phase 1B populations in our area.”

Vaccinations in Phase 1B are expected to begin during the week of Jan.19, and Governor DeWine announced a tiered system for offering vaccinations to the estimated 2.2 million people who are eligible for the vaccine under this phase, beginning with those who are 80 or older:

• The week of Jan. 19: Ohioans 80 years of age and older.

• The week of Jan. 25: Ohioans 75 years of age and older; those with severe congenital or developmental disorders.

• The week of Feb. 1: Ohioans 70 years of age and older; employees of K-12 schools that wish to remain or return to in-person or hybrid models.

• The week of Feb. 8: Ohioans 65 years of age and older.

When a new age group begins, vaccinations may not be complete for the previous age group. It will take a number of weeks to distribute all of the vaccine given the limited doses available.

Three providers in our county will receive approximately 400 doses of vaccine, which will be used according to state guidance for next week. These providers are: Morrow County Health District, Kroger in Mount Gilead, and Discount Drug Mart in Mount Gilead.

All three providers will provide vaccines by appointment. Morrow County Phase 1B Residents can schedule with a provider by doing one of the following:

• The Morrow County Health District — To get added to the vaccine sign-up list at the Health District, you can call 419-947-1545, extension 302, and leave your name, age, and phone number. MCHD will then reach out to schedule your appointment as vaccine is available for the agency.

• Kroger — You can schedule an appointment by visiting or by calling the pharmacy at 419-947-9134.

• Discount Drug Mart — You can schedule an appointment by calling the pharmacy at 419-947-1404, option 1, during regular pharmacy hours.

In addition, a statewide vaccine provider search will be available beginning Jan. 14 at

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