1125 County Road 26, Bennington Township, Nicholas Albanese to Jeremy and Kali Kanniard, $225,000.

4795 Township Road 213, Bennington Township, Derek and Leigha Caplinger to Ralph and Flora Smith, $416.000.

744 County Road 212, Bennington Township, Jason Bryant to Fatemah Talebian, $357,700.

5280 State Route 656, Bennington Township, Walter Layman to Stephen and Cynthia Belcher, $85,200.

862 Township Road 208, Bennington Township, Joshua and Jessica Morgan to Jack and Tracy Daniels, $385,000.

County Road 170, Bennington Township, Joseph and Cortney Nunn to Alan and Jamie Feeman, $323,000.

3570 State Route 42, Cardington, Stefano and Michelle Ferri to David Metz, $355,000.

108 Morgan St., Cardington, Gary Dodds to Joel Sherman, $7,500.

422 S. Marion St., Cardington, Joseph Bash to April Brewer, $146,900.

2495 Township Road 180, Chester Township, Matthew McCoy to Andre and Corrine Ballard, $345,000.

6706 State Route 95, Chester Township, Arnold Beverly Trust to Joshua and Dawn Bouchr, $235,000.

6441 County Road 25, Chester Township, Hunter Creech and Emily Hartley to John and Jessica Braatz, $225,000.

5340 County Road 101, Congress Township, Dale Roush to Timothy and Tamara Dyer, $225,000.

Lots 205, 206, 207, Congress Township, RMBS Reo Holdings LLC to Ronald and Melanie Mattix, $49,000.

Lot 55, Congress Township, Anthony and Kristine DiTullio to Scott Maffett, $693,000,

Lot 134, Congress Township, Daniel Graszl to Robert and Teri Brewer, $2,200.

Lots 106, 107, Congress Township, Michael and Tina Gabler to Michael and Pamela Ruth, $329,900.

Lots 220, 221, Congress Township, Tracie Russell to Antonio and Medelita Manares, $18,000.

5275 State Route 314, Franklin Township, David and Alma Keim to John and Laura Gingerich, $245,000.

7401 Township Road 119, Franklin Township, Levi and Lydia Hostetler to Albert and Mary Yoder, $335,000.

4240 Township Road 178, Franklin Township, Abe and Esther Miller Revocable Trust to Albert and Miriam Miller, $200,000.

4559 State Route 42, Gilead Township, D&G Ploman LLC to Jennifer Dunn, $206,007.

113 Enterprise St., Edison, Franklin and Rita Barton trustees to Toby and Christina Abrams, $152,000.

3320 Township Road 127, Gilead Township, Timothy Foster to Colin and Amanda Blalock, $335,000.

5062 County Road 237, Gilead Township, Harold and Valerie Powell to Richard Payne and Toni Soccorsi, $190,000.

266 S. Main St., Mount Gilead, Jeff Owens to John Kolberg, $112,000.

State Route 61, Gilead Township, Michael Carano to Lawrence and Deborah Belcher, $26,200.

341 West Marion Road Rear, Mount Gilead, Judith McKirgan et al to Joseph and Anna Stossel, $114,000.

Lincoln Avenue, 294, 296 Delaware Street, Mount Gilead, Scott Evans trustee to James and Beth Webster, $89,300.

271 Douglas St., Mount Gilead, Scott Evans trustee to M&O Bucyrus Properties LLC, $95,000.

608 Whetstone Drive, Mount Gilead, RJS Construction Services LLC to DD & PD, $240,860.

2994 County Road 170, Harmony Township, Brugess and Sheila Castle to William and Chelsea France, $250,000.

2179 County Road 170, Harmony Township, Delbristol Property Investments LLC to Andrew and Jacqueline Johnston, $355,450.

4215 County Road 23, Harmony Township, Billy and Teresa Lanum to Benjamin and Jennifer Sheets, $268,000.

4059 Township Road 161, Lincoln Township, Timothy Hass to Robert and Debra Smith, $235,000

105 W. Main St., Fulton, RT Renovations LLC to Daniel and Elizabeth Stagg, $179,900.

4621 County Road 29, North Bloomfield Township, Christopher and Roberta Morton to Menno and Johnny Troyer, $65,000.

4641 County Road 57, North Bloomfield Township, Lodge Properties III LLC to Cornucopia Properties LLC, $48,000.

4970 Township Road 31, North Bloomfield Township, Ned and Judy Reece trustees to Russell and Amy Harris, $125,000.

Township Road 91, Perry Township, Andrew and Linda Miller to John Massie and Laura Myers, $200,000.

State Route 314, Perry Township, Randy and Patricia Lewis to Joseph and Mindy Bishop, $2,500.

6153 Township Road 80, Perry Township, David and Drucilla Gingerich to Melvin and Miriam Miller, $56,000.

1151 County Road 218, Peru Township, Robert and Amanda Weaver to Bruner Land Company Inc., $375,972.

County Road 19, South Bloomfield Township, Kevin Farson and Amanda Braun to Mark and Cynthia Triguba, $144,900.

6916 State Route 229, South Bloomfield Township, Mullendore Family Revocable Living Trust to Shaun and Shannen Green, $350,000.

4101 County Road 61, Washington Township, Erin and Kanda Benner to BB and Kristina Rose, $375,000.

4247 County Road 61, Washington Township, Martha Wright and Jody Dailey to Ronald and Lori Harden, $49,700.

3581 State Route 309, Washington Township, Wanita Johnson to Cornucopia Properties LLC, $9,400.

Township Road 157, Westfield Township, Phillip and Phyllis Breece to Michael and Audrey Casillas, $40,000.

Township Road 21, Westfield Township, Brian and Audra Smith to Jared and Jennifer Cline, $79,500.

Source: Morrow County Auditor