SR 61, Bennington Township, Ivra and Mary Bassett to Matthew Koehler, $615,000.

CR 206, Bennington Township, CountryTyme Land Specialists Ltd. to Zachary and Stacey Swick, $85,000.

5040 TR 191, Bennington Township, Gaige and Kaitlyn Goodman to Mary Hale, $189,000.

1616 TR 141, Cardington Township, David and Danielle Bowersmith to Megan Dible, $177,500.

4326 CR 28, Cardington Township, Kathy Mounts to Darren Bush, $189,900.

135 Kenny Lane, Cardington, Lisa Cooper to Brian Alyssa Broadwater, $162,000.

6251 CR 25, Chester Township, Shirley Tone to Jason Owens, $25,000.

TR 176, Chester Township, JBH Investments LLC to Morrow County Park District, $845, 752.

TR 178, Chester Township, Dianne Russell to Kevin and Delia Johnson, $75,000.

6225 CR 102, Congress Township, Karen Kurilec to Dustin and Lesa Gifford, $338,000.

Lots 175-176, Congress Township, Samuel Napier to Jack and Danielle Bault, $6,500.

Lots 19-20, Congress Township, Patti Ray to Joseph and Christine Hague, $375,000.

Lots 318-319, Congress Township, Donald and Iva Askew to Andrew Patrick, $37,350.

Lots 228-229, Congress Township, Erica Logan to Bruce and Catherine Doepker, $12,000.

Lot 260, Congress Township, David Homewood to Sarah Jones, $2,200.

Lots 49, 50, 51, Congress Township, Richard and Patricia Miller to Donald Manley, $637,500.

Lots 275, 276, Congress Township, Jeffrey and Traci McQuillen to Robert and Erica Christie, $642,900.

Lots 88-89, Congress Township, Eric Kistler to Jon and Carolyn Shenberger, $145,000.

4174 TR 230, Gilead Township, John or Barbara Weise, trustees, to Ashley Fry, $325,000.

334 Boundary St., Edison, Priscilla Bennett to Kevin and Makayla Ferrington, $45,000.

111 Broadway St., Edison, David and Angela Goldbach to Jeremy Adams.

140 E. High St., Edison, Heartland Grace Brethren Church to Edison Bible Church, $123,400.

92 W. Marion St., Mount Gilead, Richard or Eloise Moss-Poland Trust to Robert and Chandell Sites, $88,000.

250 N. Main St., Mount Gilead, Alyssa Pickering to Dysh Petry LLC, $72,500.

294 Bank St., Mount Gilead, Ashley Fry to James Ray, $133,000.

601 Whetstone Drive, Mount Gilead, Donald Fitzpatrick to Lance and Lorenda Stalnaker, $241,900.

2890 TR 20, Harmony Township, Michael Rucker to Jason and Stephanie Metzger, $195,000.

3596 CR 20, Harmony Township, Jennifer Wolford to Brian Neumeyer, $169,900.

2535 CR 26, Harmony Township, David and Jennifer Hollabaugh to Kamberly Terry, $200,000.

2919 TR 155, Lincoln Township, Jason and Andria Parsons to Joshua and Shanteal McAdoo, $230,000.

3487 SR 529, Lincoln Township, Allen and Carolyn Halley to Kelly Grassel, $232,000.

3160 TR 124, Lincoln Township, James and AnnaMae Lockhart to Jeremy Jordan, $32,000.

3553 CR 25, Lincoln Township, Sarah Rotermund to Antonio and Teresa Vargas, $52,000.

127 W. Main St., Fulton, Thomas Kaple to Maxwell Kaiser, $111,500.

9120 CR 50, North Bloomfield Township, Deidra Carver to Nicole McCoy, $30,000.

5738 CR 37, North Bloomfield Township, Albert and Bonnie Putman to Barbara and Daniel Weaver, $130,000.

9120 CR 50, North Bloomfield Township, Deidra Carver to Nicole McCoy, $30,000.

9041 CR 46, North Bloomfield ToWnship, Michael Zeger to Tobin Chee, $365,000.

7131 CR 92, North Bloomfield Township, Dale and Linda Welch, trustees to KNJ Investments, $608,000.

11 E. Main St., Sparta, David White to Joshua and Brooke Levings, $166,000.

8725 SR 314, Troy Township, Jason Cooper to Alex and Mallory Daugherty.

7170-7172 CR 47, Troy Township, Lulu Arnold to James and Andrea Arnholt, $135,000.

7327 CR 57, Troy Township, Dixie Meadows to Theresa Greenhill, $3,000.

7222 CR 30, Washington Township, Andrew and Sarah Creswell to Matthew and Hayley Wisenbarger, $297,500.

9555 TR 32, Washington Township, Troy Oldaker to Samuel Sulser, $15,000.

3254 CR 165, Westfield Township, Groves Revocable Trust to Duane and Meghan Phillips, $320,000.

1265 CR 149, Westfield Township, Robert and Eileen Chappell to Ryan and Stephanie Rose, $260,000.

197 CR 25, Westfield Township, James and Marilyn Rucker to Keith Crook, $176,000.

SOURCE: Morrow County Auditor