MOUNT GILEAD — It will be different but the important thing is it will be held.

The 2020 Morrow County Junior Fair will be Sept. 3-6.

This year’s fair, limited due to the COVID-19 virus, will give youngsters the opportunity to show their projects for judging.

Following the guidelines, only family members will be admitted to the grounds.

Mary Weiler, secretary/treasurer of the Morrow County Senior Fair Board, issued the following statement on behalf of the board:

“The Morrow County Senior Fair Board, the Morrow County Junior Fair Board and the Morrow County Health Department have worked together to plan a modified Junior Fair following COVID-19 guidelines. This will allow all 4-H and FFA members to showcase their livestock projects.”


There are various changes and requirements that will need to be followed for this event to take place. These changes are very difficult to accept but are necessary for the safety of everyone in the county.

• This will be a truck-in, truck-out event. No animals will be on the grounds after they are shown.

• Exhibitors should plan to show from a trailer to limit barn use and allow for social distancing.

• Social distancing of 6 feet will always be required.

• Masks will be required unless a health issue will not permit.

• Only immediate family members will be permitted to attend the shows.

• There will be no public seating in the arenas and spectators will be asked to leave unless they have an exhibitor in the show ring.

• There will be no food vendors.

• There will be no camping.


There will be different species showing each day in different areas of the fair grounds; Thursday, Sept. 3 —Goats, rabbits and horses; Friday, Sept. 4 — poultry, beef and horses; Saturday, Sept. 5 — hogs, dogs and horses; and Sept. 6 — lambs, dairy and horses.

Shelby Perkins, junior fair coordinator, and Lisa Duckworth, assistant junior fair coordinator, said, “Plans are moving along well for the 2020 Morrow County Junior Fair.”

Still project judging was completed Aug. 10 and the food and clothing project judging was completed on Aug, 11.

“The junior fair board has been hard at work preparing for the multiple livestock shows,” said the coordinators, “and there was a very good turnout for market rabbit tattooing on Aug. 6.”

They advised that breeding and market shows and showmanship for Junior Fair exhibitors will go on.


According to Betty May, junior fair board member and horse and pony committee advisor, they have been working to ensure that all their exhibitors have a safe and enjoyable event.

The king and queen will remain the two who were selected last year: Queen Grace Hinkle and King Elijah Leonhard..

Named scholarship winners this year are Leadership: Tess Ruehrmund and Ashley Huffine; Citizenship: Tess Ruehrmund and Tyler Brown and Junior Fair Awards: Kayla Carlyle and Tyler Brown.

Becky Barker, OSU Extension 4-H Youth Development, said, “The 4-H Project judging was very successful. 4-H members were able to complete 148 projects through their participation in county wide interview judging held over the last few weeks.

“With project books being bought online in the spring, clubs not able to meet until the end of June and the uncertain time of being able to have in person judging, many members prevailed and completed their projects. Outstanding project awards were selected this year with a cancellation of the state fair. Pictures and listing of these award will be presented at a later date.”

The annual top food project member was Emma Smith of Harvesting Memories 4-H Club and the annual top clothing project member was Annabelle Cooper of Triple R Bar 4-H Club.

It was noted Skillathon is available online.

Pledge Fund

Because animals that are shown for judging will be on the grounds only on the day of their judging, there will be no livestock sale this year.

In order to recognize the hard work of the Morrow County 4-H and FFA Youth, a Pledge Fund will be created in lieu of the traditional sale.

All money collected through pledges will be allocated to participants of the market show proportionately based upon species, historical sale results and funds received. The pledge money will be the only money allocated to all livestock sale participants. To make a pledge, send for the form at Morrow County Junior Fair Livestock Sale, 956 County Road 204, Marengo, Ohio 43334; or contact Jessica Clark, e-mail address [email protected].

Pledges must be made no later than Sept. 15, 2020. Invoices will be sent on or after Sept. 15 with money due by Oct. 15. No pledge money will be accepted before Sept. 15.

Courtesy Photo The Morrow County Junior Fair will be held Sept. 3-6. Photo The Morrow County Junior Fair will be held Sept. 3-6.

Annabelle Cooper Triple R Bar 4-H Club, with her top clothing project. Cooper Triple R Bar 4-H Club, with her top clothing project. Courtesy Photos | Rebecca Barker

Emma Smith, of Harvesting Memories 4-H Club, who won the annual Top Food project junior fair contest. Smith, of Harvesting Memories 4-H Club, who won the annual Top Food project junior fair contest. Courtesy Photos | Rebecca Barker

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel