The OHSAA sent another update to superintendents, principals and athletic administrators reaffirming the organization’s plan to still have the 2020 fall sports season, but cautioning that the Governor’s Office will have the final word as to whether that happens.

While the memo states the OHSAA office is planning to have practices begin on Aug. 1 and hope that school-to-school competition in all sports will be permissible by that date, it adds that, “We also realize that the Governor’s Office has yet to approve contact sports scrimmages and/or contests being permissible with other school teams.”

The OHSAA said that the Ohio Department of Health extended the Director’s Order that provides guidance for contact sports. This allows intra-team practices, training, open gyms, scrimmages, games and tournaments. Those activities also are allowed between schools as long as all teams involved agree to comply with the requirements set forth in the Director’s Order.

“As Lt. Governor (Jon) Husted emphasized when this ‘trial’ order first came out, the responsibility is with all of us to continue exercising safe practices to slow the spread of COVID-19,” said the memo.

The OHSAA also is working to provide guidance for schools, but are waiting to make sure their guidelines do not contradict those given by the Governor’s Office and Department of Health.

“Believe me, we have been working tirelessly to finalize such guidance, but we absolutely want to be in concert with the requirements, orders and other recommendations that are in place,” said interim executive director Bob Goldring in the memo. “The OHSAA’s Return to Play Recommendations document will be sent once it is approved by the Governor’s Office and Department of Health”

By Rob Hamilton

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