MOUNT GILEAD — Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, the work of DAAP continues in Morrow County.

“Because of the health crisis, we are still practicing physical distancing but still trying to continue socializing and collaborating in the community. All of DAAP’s in person meetings are still cancelled until further notice,” said Drug & Alcohol Awareness & Prevention coordinator Ashley Hisey-Buchanan.

“Many agencies are meeting via online. DAAP will also start having video and/or voice conferences online,” she said.

One project the coalition has spearheaded in recent years is Parents Who Host Lose The Most.

The PWH billboard is currently on display during May at the U.S. 42/61 split in Mount Gilead. One of the strategies is to place signage around Morrow County during prom and graduation months.

“Unfortunately students and school staff are going through a major change and making adjustments to fit the needs in the community daily because of the health crisis. PWH will host an online meeting in the near future to discuss adjusting strategies to fit the changes within the community,” Hisey-Buchanan said.

The committee consists of community leaders working on the same goal: Lower the percentage of underage drinking and decreasing the percentage of adults providing alcohol to those underage.

Committee members have the opportunity to assist with planning, speak with local businesses about advertising, place banners and yard signs, provide educational material to businesses and schools.

If you are interested in being part of the Parents Who Host committee, contact committee chairperson Ben Colegrove or Hisey-Buchanan at [email protected].

Another DAAP project is medication disposal.

One of the objectives is to have Morrow County residents take part in safe medication storage and proper disposal. The goal is to lower the misuse/abuse/accidental overdoes of medication and lower the improper disposal of medication.

DAAP provides free medication lock boxes to all Morrow County residents to safely store medication. 305 medication lock boxes have been distributed throughout the community. Each lock box contains: one Deterra pouch, disposal bag with local disposal box information, proper disposal information and a network of services.

New educational material was recently purchased for the lock boxes.

If you would like to be part of the medication disposal committee or your agency would like to distribute lock boxes, contact Hisey-Buchanan.

The Parents Who Host Lose The Most billboard is on display during May at the U.S. 42/ State Route 61 split in Mount Gilead. Parents Who Host Lose The Most billboard is on display during May at the U.S. 42/ State Route 61 split in Mount Gilead. Courtesy Photo
Billboard reminder of dangers of teen drinking

By Anthony Conchel

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