Lubrication Specialties Inc., the home of Hot Shot’s Secret, continues to innovate during the COVID-19 crisis. Its newest product is a hand sanitizer for truckers.

LSI President Brett Tennar said the company is converting one of their manufacturing lines to make hand sanitizer. It will be for truckers who are their customers. They will put free bottles of the hand sanitizer in shipments and orders for truckers and trucking companies.

LSI currently employs 37 and they have not laid off anyone. They disinfect the lines daily and practice social distancing and all CDC guidelines. They continue to manufacture their products that include additives for fuel systems and lubricants for diesel and automotive engines. Orders continue to come in the last few weeks.

“Truckers are the forgotten people in this crisis,” Tennar said. “They are the ones who are transporting the groceries and supplies to hospitals and other places. We are reaching out to them.”


John Martin, General Manager of Yizumi-HPM in Iberia, said they have a team of 25-27 and they are trying not to lay anybody off. They’re working regular hours five days a week, but with no overtime.

Martin said the sales people aren’t going out, but are working using the phone and email. The business is considered essential under Ohio guidelines, but it is a challenge to stay open and difficult to do service work on machines with the travel restrictions.


Marengo Fabricated Steel CFO Charlotte Howell said business is definitely slower, but their 44 employees are still working.

They were concerned they might have to close, but the recently received a defense contract from the military. She received an email a couple weeks ago from the government telling them to maintain work since their business is “essential for safety and security.”

The company also does work for Mid-Ohio Sanitation and the Ohio Department of Transportation’s fleet of trucks. Howell added that their restaurant recycling work has slowed due to restaurants having only take out.

The company manufactures custom tanks and tank trucks. They make tanks for restaurants and fast food places.

“We haven’t laid any of our employees off,” Howell said. “We sanitize twice a day and we all maintain our own work space in the office.”


Gene Gompf, owner of Gompf Funeral Homes, described a new and unique service they are offering for families in their time of bereavement.

They are providing families with live streaming options when they have a private family funeral. They can record video and audio directly through their newly installed state of the art equipment. The system includes the first high-resolution camera of its kind in central Ohio with four high definition televisions.

Each television has separate capabilities or can be played simultaneously. Additionally, there are six audio feeds in six different zones of the funeral home.

In addition to the original Cardington location, Gompf Funeral Homes are also located in Galion, Crestline and Mansfield. They are rotating their staff on a weekly basis and employees receive full benefits during their time off.

“We were in the process of upgrading our systems prior to the coronavirus pandemic. It has always been our goal to better accommodate the growing needs of our families and community. We felt this was an important step in serving our families. We can now record the services and provide a digital copy to our families.” Gompf said

Part of a production line at LSI. One line will be switched over to make hand sanitizers for truckers. of a production line at LSI. One line will be switched over to make hand sanitizers for truckers. Courtesy Photo

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel