CARDINGTON — Meeting for the first time in 2019, Cardington Village Council selected council member John Nippert president during its reorganization.

As part of its reorganization, council established rules for providing notice of meetings of council and its committees; and established the number of firefighters to be employed and/or authorized to serve as members of the Cardington Fire Department. This number includes a fire chief, assistant fire chief (part-time basis); and not more than 35 volunteer firefighting personnel to be paid for firefighting duties.

Also established was the number of deputy marshals authorized within the police department as one full-time officer to serve as village marshal/police chief, four additional full-time deputy marshals/patrolmen, six additional part-time officers and one SRO (School Resource Officer).

In other business:

• Deb Fry, finance officer, submitted bills for payment that included $47,917.05 to Red Zone Robotics for the I & I Camera Project that helped in the search for the leak in the sanitary sewer line. Council approved total payment of the bills for Dec. 17, totaling $109,526.86.

Village Administrator Danny Wood said he had met with Red Zone Robotics. “They showed us how to use the software that runs the camera footage of each line.” He said there are still segments that need the closed circuit TV camera to search for lingering problems.

Wood said the new telemetry system allows him remote access to the water treatment plant as well as communication between the water plant and the water tower.

• Approved for payment were bills totaling $170,057.52 for Jan. 7, which included payment of $122,834.64 in loan payment to Ohio Water Development Authority (WTP/WWTP loan payments) Fry told council members income tax collections are higher and utility collections were lower in December.

• Police Chief James Wallace reported that his department had taken a total of 60 calls for service in the month of December, three less than same time last year.

He noted 400 youngsters had come through the fishing pond sponsored by the village and operated by the village during Christmas in Cardington.

He said the department will be updating its policies and procedures and they will be brought to council for their approval. He added that they are working on getting every officer signed up for training classes and will initiate monthly staff meetings with guest instructors coming for in house training.

Wallace said SRO Officer Kiefer had obtained cards related to controlling relationships and placed them on the back of the doors of stalls in the school’s rest rooms. The cards are for female students in grades 7-12.

• Fire Chief Gary Goodman said the department made 181 runs last year, 13 in December.

“This total was down from 200 the previous year,” he said. There has been one run this month. Three hundred youngsters visited Santa in the fire house during the Christmas in Cardington event.

• Prior to the meeting of village council, the semi-annual joint meeting with the Cardington Township trustees and Glendale Union Cemetery Board was held. The three entities approved the cemetery’s 2019 appropriations of $187,490.00.

Members of the Glendale Cemetery Board are Scott Carsner, Doug Heacock, representing the Cardington Township andJim Morris, repre- senting Cardington Village Council. Cardington Township trustees are Heacock, Loren Radel and Michael Patterson. Darla Hardwick is the Township Fiscal Officer and Vickie Ullom is Glendale Cemetery Fiscal Officer.

• Mayor Susie Peyton asked cemetery officials to convey to the caretakers compliments “for the wonderful care they give the cemetery.”

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel