MOUNT GILEAD — Since the new year began the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office has been extremely busy, according to Sheriff John Hinton.

“As many of you saw in our call highlights over the weekend, 2 alleged rapes appeared in our call highlights. The alleged rape from Cardington is an older case that we are assisting Cardington Police with. Since we are assisting, we created an incident number for it.

“The second alleged rape in Harmony Township was out of the incident involving the female who allegedly stole the OSHP cruiser. Since an accusation was made, we created an incident for it and are currently investigating the accusation.”

A deputy received minor injuries during the theft of the cruiser, which led to a high-speed chase Jan. 5.

Hinton also acknowledged, via a Facebook post, of the other incidents his deputies have been called to in recent days.

“You may have also seen or heard on Jan. 6, Morrow County deputies and a dive team were out at the quarry off of County Road 180. A stolen vehicle was recovered from the quarry.”

Morrow County deputies are still investigating this incident.

That same day, there was an alleged attempted escape from the Morrow County Correctional Facility.

“Two inmates allegedly attempted to gain access to the outside of the facility. Neither inmate gained access to the outside of the correctional facility. This matter is still under investigation by Morrow County detectives,” Hinton said.

Two days later, Morrow County deputies were dispatched to the Marengo Village Park on a possible shooting.

“We are still currently investigating this incident as well and we cannot release any details at this time. I can tell you that there is no threat to the public from this incident.”


By Anthony Conchel

The Sentinel